Conditioned Minds Keys to Our Educational programs include:

Work Sessions allow administrators and teachers’ pre-plan direction and resources used for various purposes (anchor curriculum, group interaction, and individual learning) during an expedition or unit.

Instructional Goals serve as a simple framework instructional goals aligned with measures of standards, core modeling, and critical content designed to provide evidence through a differential approach.

Curriculum Mapping defines methods in which the students will learn.  Addressing both content and skills, there are two teaching approaches used including 1) an instructional teacher based learning method, in which the teacher directly instructs the student; and 2) interactive software technology which allows the student to maneuver through curriculums using technology while assessing, tracking, and redirecting each students’ outcomes.

Intervention – Includes engaging all students with their counselors with direct pathways to college graduation and S.M.A.R.T. goal structuring for academic and social successes.

Incentive Program – Provides an organized infrastructure aligning positive outcomes to fear of failure by providing unique weekly incentives (ticket based), and larger monthly incentives.  Conditioned Minds combines this program with its community quality control program in order to align internship and job incentive opportunities as well as incentives designed to keep students balanced and engaged in their respective schools socially, emotionally, and academically.