Conditioned Minds offers programs to students who may not typically have access to intense cognitive preparation techniques.  Our programs are year round and designed to build the skills required to help participants reach their athletic goals.  We provide a wide variety of activities to encourage a healthy balance between athletics and personal character development.  We believe in promoting an environment that fosters leadership, communication skills, goal setting, and follow through among student-athletes.  In doing so, we help students transition from childhood to adolescence.  This requires an engaging, encouraging, and comfortable supportive environment where every student-athlete is empowered to thrive.

Our programs inspire the possibilities on and off of the court and field.  We are focused on developing the whole student-athlete, emphasizing self-drive as well as character, confidence, and leadership.  We offer cutting edge programs and training that not only stimulate the mind and body but also connects to the soul. We inspire each child to search deep within themselves to produce the bigger picture of their own painting. Through an interactive curriculum design, we provide an invaluable tool geared towards the values of creating the “U” (representing understanding) inside of YOU.  We identify issues surrounding personal development and afford every student the support they deserve to create a “magic” life formula uniquely designed to cater to their specific needs and inspire them to stretch beyond their comfort levels to reach limits they never thought were possible. We are Conditioned Minds and we “INSPIRE THE POSSIBILITIES!”