Unlike many data and education based software and technologies, Conditioned Minds technology studies natural growth and developmental patterns, cognitive and socioemotional development, and learning disorders of youth through natural language processing, optical character recognition, and content data, while identifying and mirroring each user’s personal, social, and societal consequences.  While keeping youth engaged through activity based modules, motivated through application, and focused on stronger learning with positive life skill outcomes, our technology collects data related to each individual user’s behavior, goals, ability to follow through, mental health, and statistics based on a unique kernel matrix data system.

The Necessity to Increase Data Procurement

Effective teachers spend a majority of their time preparing and providing instruction, while collecting immediate and valuable information to inform and influence how they teach.  Effective teachers also readjust instructional methodologies and assessment strategies to improve student performance to keep pace with curriculum.  To assist with instructional and student management planning, real time academic and biometric data would benefit classroom teachers in their ability to flexibly group students, inform differentiated instruction, and offset negative student behaviors, improving outcomes for students.