Incentive Network Points

Our Incentive Network Point System is connected to all Conditioned Minds programs and partnered programs and events including our educational partnered programs (affective skills programs, Fearless Faction, and quality control programs), basketball personal training, Extreme Action Basketball Camps, Mission Impossible Camps, Courageous Youth Clinics, and community partnered programs.


How Does The Incentive Network Work?

Receive Incentive Card

Receive a FREE card by participating in our school or community partnered programs, attending a Conditioned Minds camp, or purchase a $10 card from any of our partnered locations.

Collect Tickets

Collect incentive tickets from coaches, teachers, administrators, and instructors at camps, school partnered programs, or community recreation partnered programs.

Turn in Tickets for Card Points

Turn in tickets at any of the partnered locations, bring in your card, and get points transferred to your card when you turn in tickets.

Redeem for Incentive Rewards

Use your card anytime to redeem your incentive rewards.


We believe that an incentivized community teaches parent accountability, youth responsibility, and a unique format towards positive character development. Every participant in our incentive network rewards program is able to connect every opportunity from school to positive outcomes, volunteer work to future employment, communication skills to leadership mentoring, and future goals to relevant tasks. Each participant understands how to create value in each opportunity as well as budget for the outcome purchase goals they wish to obtain.

Every time a participant reaches towards positive outcomes, it reflects directly on positive character development.