About Us

Organizational Profile

Conditioned Minds has both a for-profit corporation and non-profit foundation.  Conditioned Minds offers leadership - educational based services and technologies for youth ages 7 – 18, and young adults ages 19 – 25. The original founder is Rodney Zimmerman, whom founded the corporation in 2006, currently develops curriculums and programs for Conditioned Minds.  Our services are offered throughout Georgia, Colorado, California with expansion into North Carolina. We strive to become closer to young consumer’s individual needs and are dedicated to developing leaders and academic achievers using tools enhancing individual and team development, critical thinking, and performance; all functions of human growth and youth development. The Conditioned Minds team reflects the diversity of our consumers, creating a unique culture of self-drive and overall influencers.

Our vision is rooted in serving the growing demands of communities and schools seeking stronger education and leadership based programming with a goal of helping young people perform at their best while seeking successful pathways in an academic and sport lifestyle. We are very committed to using innovative techniques to ensure success across our curriculums. Through the creation of a motivational and interactive work environment, our vision is to ensure young participants gain the motivation to achieve their desired goals in the classroom, their communities, and athletically, while creating a higher drive for success.