About Us

Organizational Profile

Our vision is rooted in serving the growing demands of communities and schools seeking stronger education and leadership based programming with a goal of helping young people perform at their best while seeking successful pathways in an academic and sport lifestyle. We are very committed to using innovative techniques to ensure success across our curriculums. Through the creation of a motivational and interactive work environment, our vision is to ensure young participants gain the motivation to achieve their desired goals in the classroom, their communities, and athletically, while creating a higher drive for success.


Bringing an Element of Discipline and Confidence to Leadership & Mentorship

Partnership programming allows Conditioned Minds to team up with schools, parks and recreation, PAL, youth organizations, juvenile courts, and government entities focused on leadership and mentorship development through individual and individual development, goal setting, and processes. Each Conditioned Minds curriculi focus on critical thinking, communication skills, health and wellness (affecting behavior), fitness, team building and leadership skill development. Each comprehensive integrated curriculum directly effects how individuals learn while enhancing opportunities through a motivational and engaging learning environment.

Breaking Down The Social & Emotional Barriers

Challenging situations may be arise at anytime whether at home, in school, in sports, or just everyday friendships. Communication is becoming harder and while parent engagement is an important piece of every child's development, many times there can be a disconnect in the relationship due to unidentified factors. Identifying the needs of leadership and mentorship, each one of our curriculi help give identity to each individual as they learn how to collaboratively build stronger relationships, accountability for self, and mutual understanding through activities that build trust and respect while rerouting accountability and discipline.

Fearless High School Affective Skills Program

Grades 9 - 12

The Fearless Affective Skills program provides the standard that transcends specific places, cultures, and times in each student’s development. The lens brings together concepts and content for deeper thinking and meaning; drawing instruction and students continually back to the significance of real life application.  The interactive learning skill curriculum includes a participant analysis of inner strength development, anger management and self control, and responsive skills. Fearless includes life skill development (time management, preparation, follow through, and positive emotion to self-esteem), and problem solving (re-balancing the imagination, critical thinking skills, and dealing with stressful environments).


Junior Leadership & Mentoring Program

Grades 1 - 8

The Junior Leadership & Mentoring Program is designed to instill mentoring, leadership, confidence, and teamwork while directly impacting in school-related attitudes, performance, and behavior for high school and elementary students. High School students mentor and lead elementary students through various activities in a specific sport, helping create stronger communication skills, direction, follow through, and leadership skills. The lens brings together concepts and content for deeper thinking and more meaningful relationships; drawing instruction and students continually back to the significance of their actions.   


Extreme Action Basketball Camps

Extreme Action Basketball Camps use the experiential learning and education model for development of athletes. Based on this model, athletes are provided with structured, organized, physically and mentally challenging experiences which positively influence their success in the future. Athletes are encouraged to think critically and explore ideas on their own. This process is very influential in many ways including; youth wanting an edge, learning how to lead their team, obtaining stronger focus skills in school and sports, and developing stronger decision making skills.