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Rodney Zimmerman - Conditioned Minds Founder

At an early age and as an only child, Rodney grew up with high anxiety and panic attacks regularly as he felt socially awkward because of his height.  It became hard for him to function in group settings, so he would close himself off in fear of failure. It was not until he was introduced to basketball by Billy Owens (Univ. Syracuse) and Jeff Lebo (Univ. North Carolina) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania at age 12, that his fear would be transformed into perseverance.

Upon graduating from Air Academy High School, at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs as a High School All-American Basketball Player, Rodney went on to attend the celebrated and storied University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) on a full athletic basketball scholarship.  After 7 years in both the NBA and Europe, Rodney retired from the game of basketball and shifted his focus and energy back on being a staunch advocate for our Nation’s youth.  Rodney would take his collective experiences, skill sets, and vision, to develop programs and curriculum's for his company Conditioned Minds, Inc., an innovative and cutting-edge, character development company focused on behavior modeling, centered around focus skills, achievement, data assessments, and redirection towards positive outcomes.


Message From Rodney Zimmerman

It's easier to come up with excuses for why something cannot be done. It is easier to settle on failure than it is to get back up and try with the understanding that you may fail again. By training the mind, spirit, and body to lead through process, perspective, and experiential output, I believe that we will gain a better understanding of our inner-self. We each have the ability to unite a model of conscious conceptualization and cognitive process in everything we do in order to become a part of change. It begins with each of us understanding that our process can truly outweigh outcome measurable’s. What other people say is that your dent, or purpose is not as big or as relevant as theirs. You will be told that your learning curves using critical thinking over physical attributes does not work, and that physical attention gives meaning to outcomes. I believe that teaching young people how to set foreseeable possibilities by strengthening input performance creates a stronger outcome.

This begins by using self-awareness to identify individual character, all while embracing trust over fear and illustrating the importance of intention over attention. By unlocking preparation techniques and increasing follow through, we are training the discipline of the mind to find purpose. With each goal set, we must create sub-goal directives which give perseverance active thought. As the founder of Conditioned Minds Inc., my vision is to have programs, camps, clinics, and technology in place that can mirror a learner, assess behavior and negative factors in real time, and redirect potential positive outcomes by showing the learner their own possibilities through perspective maintenance. This means that the learner will be redirected to take responsibility of what they see by giving them the tools to do so; thus in turn helping redirect towards positive outcomes.  


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