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Rodney Zimmerman - Conditioned Minds Founder

Upon graduating from UCLA with a degree in Political Science, Rodney spent 7 years in both the NBA and Europe. Every chance he got, he would dedicate his time as a substitute teacher at Martin Luther King Elementary in Compton, CA; and as a program coordinator at the Long Beach, CA YMCA.

Rodney retired from the game of basketball and shifted his focus and energy back on being a staunch advocate for youth.  Rodney worked for a non profit in Los Angeles where he was tasked with building a program vision at Manual Arts High School in South Central Los Angeles. In turn, he developed programs revitalizing the graduation rate while Developing a leadership program, music program, health and fitness program, and art program. Rodney helped over 130 High School students and 60 Middle School students gain a sense of direction, accountability, and structure.

Rodney moved to Georgia where he would take his collective experiences, skill sets, and vision, to develop programs and curriculum's for his company Conditioned Minds Foundation; an innovative and cutting-edge, character development company focused on behavior modeling, centered around focus skills, achievement, data assessments, and redirection towards positive outcomes. Rodney still resides in Georgia and is happily married with 4 beautiful children.


Conditioned Minds Foundation Inc. operates under a culture of transparency including organizational transparency through shared and respected knowledge, team oriented feedback to improve our services, and an alignment of goals with a round table of open discussions.  By practicing equality, we provide an elevation of community transparency. We only hire people who inspire others.  By investing in the best staff members, our Foundation allows each member to have a voice in the growth of the foundation.  We believe every voice has a valued perspective, and we invest in house to re-invest within the communities we serve.


Seeking a skilled grant writer to work on numerous projects throughout the year. This is a great opportunity for anyone who loves to impact the lives of under-served youth while making a difference in all communities.


Seeking a professional who loves connecting the dots between organizations and tournament opportunities. Our organization sponsors events meaningful to our mission.


Seeking a professional interested in hosting youth volleyball and basketball weekend tournaments in Georgia.  Must have a wide range contact database of teams in nearby states.


Seeking someone who has an incredible ability to connect with students in grades 8 - 12.  Following an established curriculum, the leadership mentor will lead EBD classes focused around Special Education.


Seeking a summer camp director expanding our camp opportunities while hosting basketball camps in Georgia, California, Colorado, and other states.


Seeking a graphic design intern interested in making their mark on all Conditioned Minds Foundation literature, apparel, and feature videos.  This position will switch to a paid contract position depending on experience.

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