Camp Mad Kavod Program Funding

Participant Demographics: Inner City youth participants and Jewish teens

Overarching Goal: Allows different cultures to understand differences, acceptance, and most importantly respect. Inner city youth are taken out of bad environments and shown how to reach a different outcome, no matter what defines their circumstances. Jewish teens enhance their abilities to be a mensch by helping and caring for those they may not normally be exposed to, while learning the importance of respect and leadership.

Funding Needed ($6,100): In order to operate this incredible experience for both inner city and Jewish youth, there are four areas of targeted funding. These areas include transportation (inner city students are bussed to the camp site) $1600; meals (Kosher breakfast and lunch provided to all participants) $2400; gift bags (featuring in-kind sponsored and Conditioned Minds Foundation materials) $1100; and shirts (1 T-shirt and 1 collard shirt per participant) $1000. For many inner city underprivileged participants, what they receive at Camp Mad Kavod will be life changing materials that will inspire them throughout years to come.

About Camp Mad Kadov:

  • Supports up to 60 under-served / underprivileged inner city youth (ages 10 - 14)
  • Nutritious Kosher meals come from the local Jewish community restaurants and stores.
  • Free transportation to camp facility for 60 youth participants.
  • Camp offers leadership programs, team building, soccer, volleyball, flag football, and basketball.
  • 15 Counselors (Jewish High School Teenagers)
  • Gift bags provided to all participants and counselors
  • Unique opportunity for Jewish High School teens to mentor inner city Middle School youth.
  • 60% of funds raised support Jewish High School athletics.
  • 40% of funds raised support a selected inner city cause selected by the Jewish teen mentors.

Contact Information:

Conditioned Minds Foundation  *  Tel: (678) 615-8160  * Email:

Rodney Zimmerman (Founder)  *  Tel: (404) 380-0534  * Email: