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The Conditioned Minds Foundation Extreme Action Clinic & Camp program consists of the four elements below:

  1. The mental and physical element offers an array of activities that reinforce and complement each participant’s goal of being a productive student athlete.   Physical elements include youth development and self-motivation strategies, development of more effective listening skills, and stronger comprehension without hesitation to be productive.
  2. An intense training component teaches an extremely high level of technical and physical training.
  3. An educational enrichment and leadership element provides assistance designed to help parents understand how to engage their student-athlete.   
  4. The conditioning component teaches youth how to push at an intense level while slowing down mentally using cognitive and somatic aligning techniques.

The Difference Is In the Intensity

From start to finish each day youth find our camps to be more than energetic. We believe that when young people are engaged constantly, they create a zealous energy and direction of focus.  While having fun, participants are challenged to reach their potential peak of success.

Our Extreme Action Clinic & Camp Curriculums renews our vision and strategic focus to adding value to diverse target camp market segments including, schools seeking ways to build on leadership skills within their school athletic programs, participants striving to be successful student-athletes on and off of the court/field, and coaches seeking direction in enhancing camp opportunity growth.

Conditioned Minds Foundation Extreme Action 

Conditioned Minds Foundation Extreme Action Clinics & Camps differentiate from the normal skillset of clinics and camps and improves the overall experience by filling the real need of cognitive application, enhanced physical motor to thought processing relevancy, communication development, and leadership performance.

Our service offerings provide the highest-quality, highest value-add alternative to general camp structure in a vacuum.  Conditioned Minds Foundation believes in the goal of finding, defining, and refining the potential in every participant. 

Conditioned Minds Foundation believes that the market for alternative educational teaching is growing exponentially and that sports are the conduit for many youth.  While parents are working even harder to provide their children with fun educational alternatives that keep their bodies and minds active, each Conditioned Minds Foundation Extreme Action Clinics & Camps inspires, challenges, and then encourages every participant’s potential growth both athletically and as a leader.

Our goal is to raise the visibility of your clinics and camps to assure that:

    • Short Term Goal: Conditioned Minds Foundation Extreme Action Clinics & Camps nurture solid relationships with school administrators and coaches, participants, and parents who see the value of developing the well-rounded student athlete who understands the dynamics of their potential and grows in a one week challenging environment.
    • Long Term Goal: Conditioned Minds Foundation Extreme Action Clinics & Camps empower the young person to break the stereotypical habits of student athletes not having a goal and plan for balancing athletic aspirations, academic achievements, social leadership, and self-drive through preparation.

All of our camps reflect our service line – simultaneously fun, challenging the mind and body, and informative.  Our design work promotes a feeling of accomplishment by all who attend.  The Conditioned Minds Foundation attitude matches each camps inherent value drive – youth, parents, and educators feeling the need to get involved.