Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreats for Qualified Participants

Retreat With Global Leaders

Book -n- Boot
A free 2 day - 1 night trip to Blue Ridge, Georgia, our Book -n- Boot retreat allows student athletes in grades 8 - 11 an opportunity to engage with one another in small groups while exploring a particular book. Groups then apply the lessons taught in the book in a team building boot camp wilderness training environment.
Participants are invited to participate in an exclusive SAT/ACT Prep course in a retreat setting. With a focus on test taking techniques and enhancing critical thinking skills, participants have unique opportunities to get an edge on how to prepare, face, and conquer test taking challenges.
Community Revitalization
Our Georgia 1-Day retreat is hosted once a year to give participants an opportunity to explore revitalization techniques working with community businesses and city officials. The participants present an initiative to city officials and work closely to see their initiative through.