Georgia Extreme Action Basketball Camp Registration Portal

Conditioned Minds Camp FAQ's

What will my child gain from attending a Conditioned Minds camp or clinic?

Your child will be challenged on the basketball court to understand the importance of process from start to finish. In the past, the groups have gone outside. This summer, our goal is to teach participants on the court how to use basketball as a tool for life. This means accountability in the classroom, stronger leaders in the community, and incredible team leaders. Your child will find strength they never knew they had, and will learn how consistency leads the way to creating winners.

Is the Extreme Action camp very competitive?

Our focus is on teaching mental strength, focus, and skill development. Our camps are not about the end result of competition. Each day your child will learn how to set their own goals, and how to reach them with a focused process.  We are very much into emphasis on process over outcome, self confidence, and follow-through.

Can my child be in the same group as his/her friends?

We have found that participants at our camps excel with their teammates. They learn how to lean on one another through challenges, and keep each other accountable when thoughts of cutting corners exists. If they wish to be in the same group as another camper, there is a place on the registration form to place others they wish to participate with. Parents can also inform Coach Z at sign-in and your child will be placed with their friends at that time. While we try to accommodate campers, it is important to provide the best camp experience by evenly matching ages and skill levels to arrange for the best level of competition. 

What is so special about having my child a Conditioned Minds Camp?

Conditioned Minds camps are nationally recognized as one of the most cohesive mental/physical leadership sports training systems in the country. The camps utilize training techniques of processes developed for high school and college level teams.

What are the benefits in returning to camp again and again?

Each time a participant returns, they work on mastering the lessons from previous camps. This strengthening encompasses the mental and physical aspects of our camp training. With our daily assessments, participants strive for higher achievements throughout the week with an end reward in sight of accomplishment and self-confidence.

What does my child need to bring to camp?
Campers should come dressed in sporting/basketball attire (shorts, sneakers, t-shirt). They need to bring basketball. (note: no basketballs will be used outside this year). Please leave all watches, jewelry and electronics (i.e.: ipods, mp3s, and video games) at home as we cannot be responsible for such items. Campers may of course bring any medication they may need. Parents must make Coach Z aware of any medication that is handled at the camp. 

Do you provide lunch?

Each child will be responsible for bringing his or her own sack lunch, beverage, and snack to camp.

How are the campers divided during camp?
Campers are placed in groups according to their age, skill level, and experience. This is done to ensure that each child participates with others of a similar ability. Emphasis is placed on improving at one’s own pace while enjoying the excitement of the sport. We will try to accommodate group requests when possible, but cannot guarantee in an effort to keep teams fair and balanced.

May I cancel my registration?
All fees are refundable up until 2 weeks from the camp start date. There is a $35 non-refundable administrative processing fee for all cancellations. If you wish, you may use your fee to pay for a future Conditioned Minds camp, clinic, or program.

What if my child has to leave early?

Please inform the camp director or program director at the beginning of the day if your child needs to leave early. If there is an emergency and your child needs to leave early, you may contact the program manager or camp director on their cell phone.

Can parents stay and watch during camp?
Absolutely! Parents are more than welcome to watch their children in action! The only thing that we ask is that you limit the amount of interaction with your child during camp. It may make your child uncomfortable and will take away from the full affect of the attention to the camp instruction.

Cancellation by Conditioned Minds Camps

In the unlikely event that Conditioned Minds Camps cancels your camp session, we will refund only your camp registration fees. Camper waives any and all damages that may otherwise arise out of any camp cancellation and agrees to accept as liquidated damages said registration fees.