EPIC Toolbox Funding

Participant Demographics: Students in grades 1 - 12; diverse communities nationwide equipped with access to a computer and network.

Overarching Goal: Provide technology platforms which positively enhance learning science, mental/emotional health, leadership development, and a students ability to adjust through various behavioral stages.

Funding Needed ($10,000): EPIC is a Free direct to consumer software product for young people, educators, coaches, and parents. Development of modules range between $1500 - $3500. EPIC toolbox provides 3 new modules per year to add to the toolbox with a focus on assessing, redirecting, and providing solutions for all who use the software. EPIC Toolbox allows for 3rd party advertising to offset its development costs, but for privacy purposes, does not provide any user information to 3rd party companies.

About EPIC Toolbox:

  • Provides functionality requirements relating to articulation of curriculum design, strategy assessment, and collative data relevant to the user’s mental, emotional, social, and physical well-being.
  • Offers a significant development/delivery feature including objectives and viability, development dependencies or any potential implementation constraints by the user.
  • Systematic instructional design process is aligned with user goals and learning outcomes, motivating learners while increasing mental focus.
  • Provides novel and interesting views of curriculum advancement to stimulate real-world scenarios.
  • Provides stimulating alternatives of drill-and-practice instruction.
  • Creates a virtual reflection of the user to be seen by pertinent parties including the parent, school, and outside organization.

Contact Information:

Conditioned Minds Foundation  *  Tel: (678) 615-8160  * Email: conditionedminds@gmail.com

Rodney Zimmerman (Founder)  *  Tel: (404) 380-0534  * Email: rodneyzimmerman14@gmail.com

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