Conditioned Minds Fearless programs realign attitude for students who are identified as at-risk youth in schools and organizations due to poor academic and/or leadership performance.  Our Fearless programs incorporate communication skills, concentration techniques, increased focus skills and attentiveness, behavior modification, learning how to react without overreacting, positive thinking, creating the mental keys to consistency, and teaching learners how to reach a specific targeted achievement zone.

Our Fearless Curriculums directly enhances performance AND opportunities 

The Fearless curriculum includes topics such as 1) engaging positive outline factors; 2) maintaining boundaries - S.M.A.R.T. Goals; 3) mentorship; 4) employment; 5) employment; 6) identity, cohesion, & belonging; 7) self-expression; 8) body language; 9) conflict resolution; and 10) experiential learning.



What do the students like best about this course?

"A cool learning environment. I feel like the teachers really care about me and want to help me become a better person. It teaches you how to become a young adult."
- Kristina (Central Gwinnett H.S. Student)


"It talks about how to improve yourself. I wasn't really feeling it at first because I felt like the teachers were being tough on me. I see now they were teaching me how to have structure in my life."
- Trenton (Meadowcreek H.S. Student)


Our Fearless Affective Skills Program Services Include

Students learn how to enter conversations using the listen, hear, process, and analyze technique before communicating.  A student growth and development plan helps students strengthen critical thinking while aligning positive messaging.
Using S.M.A.R.T. Goals, students are taught how to stay focused on their purpose.  Students become aware of their performance goals and expectations by meeting with their counselor.  S.M.A.R.T. goal outlines are presented to the counselor to address the students mission.
Students develop the writing techniques necessary for applications, resumes, and report writing.  Small journals are created as an expression tool for students to capture and engage their emotions while helping each student define their goals.
Teaches students based on their grade level including Freshman (learning how to adjust while defining direction); Sophomores (learning ability through preparation); Juniors (decision making skills), and Seniors (career and employment).
By aligning and reporting absences, tardies, NTI's, and Grade percentages every 2 weeks, students are able to refocus on the areas they struggle most in.  By improving students tardies and absences, the program is directly able to enhance the completed assignments and grade percentages.
Student charts help each participant visually see how to reach their goals.  By achieving steady marks, students work their way up to weekly and monthly incentives, as well as a semester field trip.



What do the students like best about this course?

"It's alright and good when I listen to their thoughts. I know it's up to me to make the change happen. Even when I mess up, the teachers still help me understand how to keep moving forward." - Biniam (Meadowcreek H.S. Student)


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