100% of Our Global Leaders Participants Go To College
These Are Just A Few of Our Alumni

Jordan Johnson
Tucker HS
College: GVSU (Track)

Marcus Hyatt
Woodward Academy
College: Army (Football)

Nia Douglas
Academe HS
College: Mercer Univ.

Gabrielle Verre
Academe HS
College: Elon University

Grant Marquardt
Academe HS
College: Kennesaw State

Jonathan Ledbetter
Tucker HS
College: UGA (Football)

Matthew Alston
Academe HS
College: Duke Univ.

Dominic Punzi
Parkview HS
College: St. Johns Univ.

Elliott Allan
Paideia HS
College: U. of the South

Joshua Jacobson
Weber School
College: Indiana Univ.

Congrats To Jaylen CLarke

Jaylen graduated from Morehouse with BS in Biology, Magnu Cum Laude, and induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the most prestigious national honor society in America. And thanks to billionaire Robert F. Smith, also debt free.

"Conditioned Minds helped along the way" - Janica Clarke, Proud Mom

We are extremely proud to have had Jaylen as a member of our Global Leaders Program in Atlanta, GA. He truly represents as do all of our Global Leaders, excellence in the classroom, athletically, and in the community. Continue to strive for excellence Jaylen.