How Does The Program Work?

The Global Leaders program is a weekly weekend program (primarily every Sunday) which offers student-athletes an opportunity to train at a very high cognitive and disciplined level (helping with physical performance), strengthen academic and career opportunities, and place a mark in a community in which they are passionate about helping. Athletes participating in basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, football, and track, find Global Leaders to be motivational and impactful leading into, throughout, and after their sport season.

Athletic Training

Mental possession and enhanced focus skill development improve performance levels, practice and game efficiency, and elevate peak performance of all Global Leaders participants

Creating Repetition Through Self Motivation while molding the consistent student-athlete

Understanding self worth within effort while developing the right attitude to become a coachable winner

Raising the intensity towards success by creating higher productive levels of expectations

Mental attack design by envisioning movements before making them or seeing them happen

Reaction time using tactical ways to increase mental and physical speed

Essential & Progressive Webinars

Educational workshops include guest speakers to help align each participants mission of college and career

Group interactive sessions include discussions surrounding healthy lifestyles, financial literacy, and leadership characteristics

Collaboration of projects designed to help student athletes prepare for academic success, financial preparation, employment opportunities, and future careers.

Service / Community Development

Helps participants understand how to serve the local, national, and worldwide communities

Participants partner in diverse groups to solve a problem while understanding how to communicate with city, state, and national government officials

USA domestic Global Leaders will work with the Global Leaders International program on their worldwide community development project

Athletic Development

The ultimate mental and physical training sessions to help prepare you as a top level student athlete and leader ready to engage at the highest levels under pressure. Re-balancing the mental leadership, problem solving, follow-through, and team building while building posture, talent, and tolerance.

Character Building - Create a stronger emotional attachment to self-awareness by developing stronger court and field awareness through cognative somatic training, motivating you to become an accelerated athlete, less stressed, all while becoming empowered with competency levels on the same playing field as the pros. Understand the immediate effects of willpower past failure, self-esteem and courage to get back up, power to believe, and confidence to make the next best choice.

Create Your Social Athletic Resume - Develop the leadership platform to catapult your athletic opportunities in middle school and high school. Maintain the leadership stamina of a coaches player, a mental leader, and the attitude of an unwavering winner.

Community Development w/ NBA Star & Humanitarian Dikembe Mutombo

Community development includes a variety of areas supporting local, national, and worldwide initiatives. Rebuilding within the community, and reviving relationships that deal directly with change is a primary focus of the Global Leaders service commitment. Each participant is involved in annual causes and effort projects including: a community project (taking an active role in making a difference in a community); a national cause (reconnecting a bigger cause and collaborating with other initiatives); and an enlightenment of the world project (volunteering time and services). Global Leaders understand that the most powerful lesson is the knowledge and a love of service. Participants do not plan their involvement in the community solely by how they see things, but rather by their interactive spirit to see a different end result.

Conditioned Minds Global Leaders program is thrilled to have Dikembe Mutombo (NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player) as the face of our community leadership excellence. Aligning the values of Global Leaders, Dikembe's vision to help others expands worldwide. From Africa to Israel, Thailand to Dubai, or the United States to a global platform, we are proud to lean on Dikembe's understanding of bringing the world together. Athletics plays such a crucial role in overall child development. By teaming up with Dikembe, the Global Leaders program offers student athletes in both the United States and overseas an incredible opportunity to expand their knowledge and make change around the world with the strength many young people never dreamed of having. Through empathy and understanding, the student athletes in Conditioned Minds Global Leaders are designing their platform of leadership, growing opportunities to continue on into post secondary education, while using sports as a tool to make change.

Developing Stronger Communities - Taking time to research and have open discussions about local communities, Global Leaders participants will have an opportunity to put all thoughts and concerns on the table, identifying one lead problem and discussing various solutions. Cohesively as a small group, they will construct a plan to present to a local city representative who may help in moving their proposal forward. Global Leaders will complete 3 service projects, and report the outcome at our annual dinner banquet.

Addressing Individual & Community Conflict - Global Leaders will break into small groups and participate in discussions surrounding the tensions of individual interests, community development, and the conflicts that arise through violence in their communities locally and around the world. Global Leaders small groups will connect with others through backgrounds, learning styles (developmental goals, specific topical interests, locations, and experiences) and needs by allowing themselves to be paired with others who understand problems and causes in their own communities.

Directly Engaging Problem Areas - Participants choose a project which directly supports a common community initiative. Learn how to reinvent, rebuild, and revive relationships as they deals directly with communication, planning, and follow through.


Our Global Leaders participants are service leaders and bridge-builders. They are the positive images of their schools. While striving for excellence, we place our participants into the service model of mentorship. They are required to be proactive in helping lead their peers towards better decision making. Many of our Global Leaders begin their own program whether it is at a school, organization, or any other outlet which would allow them the opportunity to work with their peers in a structured environment.