Our platform stands on the Conditioned Minds principles aligning leadership, educational advancement, and training cognitive development towards greater athletic success. Whether it is our Global Leaders executive representative hand picking "the right" student athlete, or vetting the process to ensure accuracy; we do not solicit athletes who are not students first. Selecting each athlete with the potential of being the best well rounded student-athlete is our primary focus. Standing on this platform we are able to put the pieces of the puzzle together for the school, the coaches, host families (if necessary), and the Global Leaders community program manager.  The Global Leaders program fulfills year round programming incorporating structuring of arrival and educational tasks with schools, while developing steady long term living and/or community arrangements. Our Global Leaders program  begins by working with organizations and individuals in other countries.  International participants in the program are driven by sports, but also have high marks academically.  The program offers these student-athletes an opportunity to come to the United States to study at a more challenging level academically, while participating in athletics under the guidance of the Conditioned Minds organization.


Conditioned Minds Global Leaders program is thrilled to have Dikembe Mutombo (NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player) as the face of leadership excellence. Aligning the values of Global Leaders, Dikembe's vision to help others expands worldwide. From Africa to Israel, Thailand to Dubai, or the United States to a global platform, we are proud to lean on Dikembe's understanding of bringing the world together. Athletics plays such a crucial role in overall child development. By teaming up with Dikembe, the Global Leaders program offers student athletes in both the United States and overseas an incredible opportunity to expand their knowledge and make change around the world with the strength many young people never dreamed of having. Through empathy and understanding, the student athletes in Conditioned Minds Global Leaders are designing their platform of leadership, growing opportunities to continue on into post secondary education, while using sports as a tool to make change.


Athletic Preparation - Utilizing a unique style of physical and cognitive training sessions, each athlete will develop an enhanced overall cognitive, emotional, and physical regiment leading towards a more experiential approach to training the mind to lead the body.  Each session is individually tailored to embody critical thinking, hand eye coordination, footwork and balance development, enhanced processing skills, and an innate ability to create a rare drive accelerated through athletic attention.  Training sessions are hosted by ex professional athletes.

Scholastic Learning - Each athlete is a student first.  Curriculum preparation and course management is very important under the International program model. While academic planning for High School and post-secondary is the focus of our scholastic offering, our workshops focus on college prep, financial structuring, and front line leadership training in which students learn how to get involved in their school programs, helping build their college resume.

Leadership & Social Development - Intense hands-on leadership learning experiences; valued in perseverance, attitude, and sacrifice. Set goals, inner strength, and positive thinking, our International Global Leaders are involved in the local community, on a state level, and then worldwide.  Participants usually choose to do something worldwide which connects the United States to their home country, brings awareness to the needs of their country, or directly influences their country.

System Integration - Our online accountability portal features software designed to align each participants present tasks to future goals, cognitive games, training modules, and college driven applications.


We are built on the vision that playing High School sports gives every child an opportunity to dream past their fears, expand their opportunities, discipline, and live a moment where teamwork, sportsmanship, time management, and work ethic are built. Each participant is not only a student-athlete, but an ambassador for the community they both come from and live in. Participants are required to accomplish certain academic levels, perform at a higher athletic level, and serve on a local, state, and worldwide initiative.