Inside The Minds


Providing cutting edge curriculum design of sport and leadership development through physical and cognitive training, Conditioned Minds continues to position itself around the country as a leader in character development. Youth are continuously challenged physically while mentally developing leadership characteristics and emotionally strengthening decision making skills. These same learned skills help enhance focus in the classroom, athletics, communication at home and in the workplace, in the community, and a higher drive to succeed. Through the creation of a motivational and interactive work environment, our vision is to ensure participants gain the knowledge and motivation to achieve their desired goals.

When Handed A Purpose, Redesign Your Priorities


Training The Mind To Never Give Up

Conditioned Minds believes in transformative learning:

- Abstraction of process forward to outweigh the outcome.
- Learning curves using time relevancy and thought process over physical attributes.
- Enthusiasm to develop stronger and a more focused growth potential.
- Freedom to explore the process.
- Foreseeable possibilities by strengthening input performance.
- Ability to excel outside of inner-self-perception of self-doubt.
- The importance of visibility perspective.
- Follow through by enhancing preparation techniques.