Inside The Minds

Process Becomes The Purpose

The mission of Conditioned Minds lies within the pursuit of the following principles:

  • Creating awareness through cognitive perspective using experiential activities to illustrate potential emotional, mental, and physical growth.
  • Inspiring and supporting youth in a challenging, caring, and inclusive learning environment to reach beyond limitations set while instilling a sense of goal setting approach.
  • Helping participants develop the knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes needed to maintain and enhance personal development.
  • Building of individual and team leadership through healthy and challenging cognitive-somatic training.
  • Create programs with learning opportunities to advance transitional focus from one grade or position to another. 

Cognitive Learning

Conditioned Minds directive trains the frontal cortex, regulating complex traits such as attention, risk assessments, decision making, time management, and social skills; overall becoming more focused learners, while training the pre motor cortex, responsible for controlling movement, and the structure heavily used by student-athletes and adults. Through our cognitive activities, individuals are able to rebalance the imagination, creativity, problem solving, and team building. Feeling a stronger emotional attachment to self with posture, talent, and tolerance, youth are motivated to become better adjusted, less stressed, and smarter individuals with competency levels on the same playing field of understanding.

Somatic Learning

By creating an interactive mental and physical course, the curriculum is able to complement any sport, profession, or activity. The primary focus of our training is not the actual sport skillset itself, but rather the mental ability to increase each individual’s stature, distance for potential success, elevation of how youth perceive their ability, and peak performance within physical activities.

Curriculum Design

Our detailed approach to curriculum design surrounds an assessment without prescribing exact assessment tasks and criteria for judging them. This eventually leaves each participant with an ability to use various topic sequences to grasp various benchmarks. While there are always constraints on design, our curricula take into account the conditions surrounding each goal. We begin with a brief statement, capturing the character of what the curriculum will draw, while articulating aspects that are deemed as central points of the design.

The design of each curriculum meets complex specifications to be made among constraints, benefits, and risks. Each curriculum provides a systematic design of different tasks and problematic stage formulas which can be returned to for reconsideration and possible modification.

Our curricula are unique in that they do not provide solutions, but rather formulas which can provide informed statistical analysis as well as help recognize the different tasks and problems at each state in order to make your process work effectively. Each curriculum is designed with the undertaken context of purposes (the problems featured), goals (the features of the design), and constraints (features of the design which are unavoidable).


Providing cutting edge curriculum design of sport and leadership development through physical and cognitive training, Conditioned Minds continues to position itself around the country as a leader in character development. Youth are continuously challenged physically while mentally developing leadership characteristics and emotionally strengthening decision making skills. These same learned skills help enhance focus in the classroom, athletics, communication at home and in the workplace, in the community, and a higher drive to succeed. Through the creation of a motivational and interactive work environment, our vision is to ensure participants gain the knowledge and motivation to achieve their desired goals.

Transforming Socioemotional Insight

A comprehensive interactive and supportive approach to socioemotional behavior helps regulate complex traits such as attention, risk assessments, decision making, time management, and social skills. Seeking the ability to change social, academic, and cognitive identifiers which reflect daily attitude, aptitude, and ability to elevate altitude defines the transformation of socioemotional insight. By addressing the whole - heart, body, soul, and social connection, transforming socioemotional insight helps our clients better understand their potential, their fears, and how to attack both.

Shifting Insight Towards The Possibilities

Affective transformative learning rebalances the imagination, creativity, problem solving, and individual development of each client. Feeling a stronger emotional attachment to self, each client is motivated to become better adjusted, less stressed, and smarter with competency levels on the same playing field of understanding. Each program, clinic, and camp session educates the psychological and emotional well-being through a combination of cognitive and somatic activities.

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Training The Mind Of An Individual

Conditioned Minds believes transformative learning and shifting insight begins with positive mentoring, in turn developing a more cohesive learning environment for each client.  What drives such mentorship is a motivation to see all individuals go on to be successful. We are proud to serve all communities and see transformations take place in all individuals.

Cognitive Development: Unique Ability to Find the "U" Inside of "You"

Conditioned Minds takes the doubt, creates a motor, and then helps redesign a direction for each client. Driving quality character cognitive development, our programs and curricula create a training perspective through output experience with the "U" representing the creation of understanding inner-self.
- A model of consciousness (conceptualization, breathing, and cognitive process).
- Brings abstraction of process forward to outweigh the outcome.
- Creates a learning curve using time relevancy and thought process over physical attributes.
- Creates enthusiasm to develop stronger and a more focused growth potential.
- Allows a freedom to explore the process for all participants in a sport specific environment.
- Teaches participants how to set foreseeable possibilities by strengthening input performance.
- Creates an ability to excel outside of inner-self-perception of self-doubt.
- Embraces a reaction of trust over fear.
- Illustrates the importance of visibility perspective.
- Identifies personality within individual character.
- Creates follow through by enhancing preparation techniques.
- Creates leadership with an ability to lead others through action.
- Trains discipline with the creation of a goal and sub-goal model.

Key Competencies

- Create awareness through perspective while developing knowledge.

- Create awareness through understanding and skills.

- Create the attitude needed to maintain and enhance personal development.