The Journey Program aligns a top-notch commitment offered to students (boys and girls) iages 10 - 18, interested in improving overall opportunities of becoming successful throughout their middle and high school years by preparing them for the academic, physical, mental, and emotional challenges leading up to being a productive leader.  When becoming a Journey member, students choose which Journey Program course they wish to pursue.  Each course includes an overall Membership Challenge which incentivizes participants to excel past their own expectations in the classroom and community.

Participants may choose the course below which best suits their goals.  Each course is a one year program. 



The Hunger Is Real

Journey provides software allowing students to pursue their future opportunities head on by co-piloting the journey.  

Developing The Metrics

Journey provides software helping families focus on the process, while not placing too much pressure on life decisions and outcomes.

There Is Only One Speed

Journey excels students towards success by motivating daily performance through a Membership Challenge, creating self-motivated learners and leaders.


Rise With Purpose

Wake up with a goal to conquer all tasks of the day.  Each roadblock you face today should slow you down, but should not stop your effort to complete your goals for the day.

Start The Day With Inspiration

Through inspirational videos, Journey reminds participants that they are designed with a purpose to soar.

Listen To Your Calling

The Journey Program provides planners teaching students how to position as part of their calling to rise above the problem and place energy in the solution.

Complete The Membership Challenge And Receive Top Level Rewards

5 Days / 4 Night Retreat (FREE)

Academic achievements

Community achievements

Athletic achievements

Parent & Participant Dinner

Complete College Driven Application

Accomplish community achievements

Accomplish academic achievements

FREE Merchandise and Apparel

Build Positive Growth In Your Community

Athletic Coach or Teacher Reference

School or Community Recommendation