Junior Jags Afterschool Program


The Junior Jags Afterschool Program is an after school athletics program designed for high school student athletes working with elementary grade students. The directive of the program instills mentoring, leadership, confidence, and teamwork in High School student athletes while directly impacting in school-related aptitude, performance, and behavior for elementary students. High School students mentor and lead elementary students through various activities in a specific sport, helping create stronger communication skills, direction, follow through, and leadership skills.  

The lens brings together concepts and content for deeper thinking and more meaningful relationships; drawing instruction and students continually back to the significance of their actions and how they communicate. High School students gain understanding of real life application regulating attention, risk assessments, decision making, time management, and social skills; overall becoming more focused learners. Transferable skills (skills which help elementary students redesign a direction to make stronger decisions on their own) are introduced and/or refined to help master the unit’s essential understandings and generalizations.


The Junior Jags program is designed to help High School student athletes promote a sense of responsibility; help them create a sustainable program; meet financial needs for team trips; and enhance creativity amongst the players in a leadership environment. By having each sport operate a Junior "Jags program, elementary students not only become engaged in the sport of their choice, but it allows more elementary kids an opportunity to become active after school.

The 8 Program Principles

Positive Character Factors


Integrity & Respect

Conflict Resolution




Cognitive Learning


Session 1: Aug - Oct

How Does Your School Benefit From This Program?

Incredibly fun experience for both the elementary kids and impactful for HS mentors.

Positive retension for kids moving through elementary school grade levels as they look up to the HS student athletes and strive to get there.

Engages and bridges the community of kids.

Teaches HS student athletes how to lead while mentoring with more confidence in decision making.