Legacy Circle


Conditioned Minds knows there is a plan in your giving when you want to make a difference. In our eyes, making a difference and giving back go hand in hand. The good we hope to do starts everyday in order to extend a lifetime. We believe in building stronger youth and communities by inspiring charitable giving.You can become a member of our Legacy Circle through a charitable bequest.


When you give financial support to Conditioned Minds Foundation, you gain the power to offer hope to aid those children around the country who may not have any opportunities to be involved in programs which help align them their success in athletics, the classrooms, and careers. Your support overall helps us keep the cost of Conditioned Minds youth programs, camps, and clinics low for everyone to afford.

Sponsorships for Conditioned Minds Foundation range from $250 up to $5000.

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Connecting our cause to important moments or people in your lives is what makes our tribute donation fundraising so special. Honorary donations extend the positive impact made by extraordinary people in our lives. Whether a teacher, a student, parent, administrator, athlete, or organization; a tribute donation is one of the most meaningful gifts as these people represented touch our lives and make the world a better place. Make a donation in honor or memory of a family member, friend, colleague, or a special life event like a wedding, birth, graduation, or death.

Our tribute donations start at $1000

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Field of Interest Fund

Your gift, no matter what size, makes a difference in the communities we serve. Donations go towards a designated fund addressing issues in your specific area of interest whether leadership development (Global Leaders program), behavioral disorders (Fearless school programs), or cognitive sport training (camps, clinics, and workshops). Our Field of Interest Fund allows you to direct the amount you wish to give to an area of need you directly care about. We work with you to establish the criteria and process while addressing the long-term needs of specific areas or issues.

Any amount is accepted for this fund

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