See below for daily activities including Physical Education and sports online practices.  Scroll to the bottom of this page to view sport training portals which include training videos per sport that you can do on your own.  GO JAGS!!! 

הִתחַיְבוּת Monday (Responsibility)

Rising with a purpose and moving with a passion doesn't mean that you have to run a mile once a week. Hard work comes with creativity and a regiment. Increase your regiment weekly at your own pace.

Hard Work Comes With A Side of Consistency

3:30pm - 4:00pm: MS Girls Soccer Online Practice

הִתלַהֲבוּת Tuesday (Passion)

Your inner self is filled with the passion necessary for self improvement. Not being fast, but instead, precise in your movement.

Your Passion Shines Through Today

12pm - 12:30pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Obstacle Course/Body Movement)

12:30pm - 1:00pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Obstacle Course/Body Movement)

3:30pm - 4:00pm: MS Tennis Online Practice

מְנוֹחָה Wednesday (Rest)

It is important to balance hard work with rest. This includes stretching techniques and balance exercises to help build stamina while allowing recovery time for the body.

Balance And Proper Stretching Give The Body Rest

12pm - 12:30pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Stretching)

12:30pm - 1:00pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Stretching)

3:30pm - 4:00pm: MS Baseball Online Practice

כָּבוֹד Thursday (Respect)

Before playing on a big team, it is important to build a foundation. Whether at home or school, respect keeps each person accountable and allows for continued growth.

Built On Foundation, Respect Is Forever Strong

12pm - 12:30pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Zumba Challenge)

12:30pm - 1:00pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Zumba Challenge)

מענטש Friday (Mensch)

With integrity and honor, today you shall do something which is authentic for someone else by using words of affirmation and an act of kindness.

Become Your Most Effective You

12pm - 12:30pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Student Led PE Challenge)

12:30pm - 1:00pm: 5th - 8th Grade PE Online Class (Student Led PE Challenge)

חיבור Sunday (Connectedness)

Connectedness and creativity comes from the heart.
This representation of community is what aligns the week to purpose..

Connect Through Kindness

12pm - 1pm: MS/HS Girls Volleyball Online Clinic

1pm - 2pm: MS/HS Girls Basketball Online Clinic

2pm - 3pm: MS/HS Boys Basketball Online Clinic

5pm - 6pm: Tech Club

Coach Z's Mission I'mPossible Challenge Room

1 Video - Multiple Family Activities

Coach Z and his daughters put together a small Mission Im'Possible mystery series of challenges for you.  Pick an activity next to the video, then watch the video for the answers.  Challenge someone else and see if they get the same answers.  Create your own additional activities from the video below, or create your own video and your own series of game activities for another AJA family.  From Coach Z's home to yours, enjoy!!


There are plenty of mistakes in this video.  Sounds that don't belong.  Pick out the sounds that don't belong, and try to identify the sound that should be there.  Challenge each other by also figuring out exactly how many total incorrect sounds are heard throughout the story.


What item does each sound represent? Is the item metal, wood, or plastic? Where can you find these items (at a store, outside, in the toolbox, etc)? Anytime you here an animal sound, imitate that sound and identify where the animal lives.


Name all of the different animals that you hear in the video. Draw a picture of the animal you hear in the video which you feel best represents you.


Coach Z's daughters are both active, but one is more active than the other. Figure out who runs more and has more energy.


It's your turn to design your own video and come up with your own challenges for the next family. Let your kids be creative and explore their interests.

Coach Z Mission I'mPossible Tag Challenge

Add The Following

1) Total number of keys on a computer keyboard

2) How many different letters are in Atlanta Jewish Academy?

3) How many letters are in the first and last name of the 40th president?

4) How many states start with the letter M?

Subtract The Following

1) Total number of books in the house with no pictures on the front cover

Take The Total Number And Complete The Riddle

I turn only to my left from right where I stand, I walk (enter your number from above) steps, but still have a plan. Not walking through the wall, each corner before I turn, (enter your number from above) jumping jacks, and my arms begin to burn. And when I have finished my journey, a number I see somewhere in the way, I will run to someone else in the house, give them that number and I will say. I challenge you to do (insert that number you found) burpies all at one time, while reciting back to me some type of poetic rhyme.

Question For You:

- Where did you find the number that you gave to someone else?