B.A.R.I.N. provides technology based biometric analytics for understanding learning paths towards preferred behavioral outcomes in at-risk youth. By mirroring natural growth and development patterns, cognitive and socioemotional development, and learning disorders, B.A.R.I.N. is able to help identify the learner’s personal, social, and societal needs, creating preventative measures, change, and modification to overall student development.


Conditioned Minds, believes parents, schools, organizations, and healthcare who service elementary, middle and high school age children, as well as government agencies will use our technology to help create the learning paths towards preferred behavioral outcomes, reconnecting individual growth while sustaining attention, enhancing creativity, and creating self-motivation skills.

Solving A Problem

Many of today’s youth have become at-risk, disconnected between socialization and education due to obstruction directly effecting their cognitive learning abilities including dyslexia, ADD, & ADHD; mental illness including clinical depression; or socioemotional disconnect.


B.A.R.I.N. is a technology interface connecting natural language and facial recognition relevancy for understanding learning paths towards preferred behavioral outcomes in at-risk youth. We are committed to bringing real time understanding by mirroring a child’s performance, exposing any problematic areas before they occur, allowing us to create preventative measures, change, or modification of a child’s development.

The Market

B.A.R.I.N. targets the 55.6 million "At-Risk" students in public and private elementary and secondary schools; with 35.4 million in prekindergarten through grade 8, and 15 million in grades 9 – 12. There is an additional 1.7 million home school student market.


Allows us to create a personal real-time assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual

- Interactive curriculum based technology allows us to attract and engage young minds where they are at that moment in order to enhance behavior, focus, critical thinking, and communication.

- By consolidating curriculum software with customized tracking, an enhanced overall youth experience becomes possible.

- Applications built on top of the B.A.R.I.N. technology are all customized to redirect, manage and report on key outcomes, facilitating the understanding of the user’s individual development.- To allow each individual user to become a self-driven learner, we incentivize many of the applications relevant to changes in the users’ assessments.

Technology Integration:

API Integration allows schools to automatically insert data relating to absences, behavior, and tardies.  This format allows the system to design an individual learning module of applications for each user.

A cloud based technology infrastructure is used by the user (adviser) and is applicable to registration, curriculum mapping, camp assessments, and other applications utilizing data collection which needs to be uploaded to the cloud daily or weekly. < 'font>

A robust and reliable tablet technology capable of collecting content data, natural language data measures, and facial recognition data levels from the users (youth) curriculum applications without Wi-Fi connection.  This assures focus and mobility of both curriculum engagement and tracking.  When connected to Wi-Fi, tablets automatically upload stored data to the cloud database.  The harvest tool and data management system restructure the mirror of the child and redirects the curriculum accordingly.  The new mirror is downloaded to the tablets.  The software then restructures permissions of applications used by the user (youth).