Organizational Profile


Conditioned Minds Foundation is a tax-exempt nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to encouraging and supporting the growth and development of K-12 students and adults by providing transformative and cognitive educational programming while collecting analytics for understanding learning paths towards preferred behavioral outcomes in at-risk human beings.  Conditioned Minds Foundation uses a comprehensive interactive and supportive approach to socioemotional behavior by helping today’s generation regulate complex traits such as attention, risk assessments, decision making, and social skills; overall becoming more focused learners. 

Conditioned Minds curricula and technologies use a comprehensive interactive and supportive approach to socioemotional behavior by helping today’s generation regulate complex traits such as attention, risk assessments, decision making, time management, and social skills; overall becoming more focused learners.  These same learned skills help enhance focus in the classroom, athletics, communication at home and in the workplace, in the community, and a higher drive to succeed. 


The mission of Conditioned Minds lies within its pursuit of the following principles:

    • Creating awareness through cognitive perspective using experiential activities.
    • Inspiring and supporting youth in a challenging, caring, and inclusive learning environment.
    • Helping youth and adults develop knowledge, understanding, skills, and attitudes.
    • Building of individual and team leadership.
    • Creating programs with learning opportunities to advance transitional focus.
    • Inspiring student athletes to influence their opportunities.
    • Fostering collaboration among funders, businesses, and governments.



    • Establish a strong network of support with school systems, youth organizations, juvenile detention centers, foster care, and government agencies.
    • Launch successful programs in Georgia counties including Gwinnett, Dekalb, Fulton, Cobb, Chatham, Bryan, Henry, and surrounding counties.
    • Operate an effective monitoring and data collection system to protect the growth and development of the youth within the Conditioned Minds Foundation.



Character & Leadership Programs

Fearless Affective Skills Program (High School)

The U Middle School Program

Global Leaders (Student Athletes)

Quality Control Program

Environmental Learning Program

Camp Programs

Extreme Action Basketball Leadership Camp

Tween-Teen 180 Leadership Camp

Mission Impossible Camp

Extreme Action Total Sport Leadership Camp

Clinics & Workshop Programs

Courageous Youth Clinics

Professional Development Workshops

Team Clinics (Coaches)

Team Clinics (Athletic)


Bringing an Element of Discipline and Confidence to Leadership & Mentorship

Partnership programming allows Conditioned Minds to team up with schools, parks and recreation, PAL, youth organizations, juvenile courts, and government entities focused on leadership and mentorship development through individual and individual development, goal setting, and processes. Each Conditioned Minds curriculi focus on critical thinking, communication skills, health and wellness (affecting behavior), fitness, team building and leadership skill development. Each comprehensive integrated curriculum directly effects how individuals learn while enhancing opportunities through a motivational and engaging learning environment.

Breaking Down The Social & Emotional Barriers

Challenging situations may be arise at anytime whether at home, in school, in sports, or just everyday friendships. Communication is becoming harder and while parent engagement is an important piece of every child's development, many times there can be a disconnect in the relationship due to unidentified factors. Identifying the needs of leadership and mentorship, each one of our curriculi help give identity to each individual as they learn how to collaboratively build stronger relationships, accountability for self, and mutual understanding through activities that build trust and respect while rerouting accountability and discipline.

When Handed A Mission, Fulfill Your Purpose


Creating partnered projects, quality diverse programs, and a solid technology platform

Projects aligned with other non profit organizations and businesses which bridge community and cohesiveness.

Cognitive leadership programs aligned with the mission; embedded in schools and community youth organizations, both locally, nationally, and internationally.


Technology used to bridge data within projects and programming while allowing individual collection of analytical data.