Partnership Programming


Bringing an Element of Discipline and Leadership To Youth Through Sports

Partnership programming allows Conditioned Minds to team up with other organizations such as parks and recreation, PAL, affective skill programs, and other organizations interested in integrating a quality controlled athletics and leadership component through sports, team building, individual development, and goal setting. Conditioned Minds will provide a fun, interactive educational and sport environment which will help youth understand the importance of critical thinking, communication skills, health and wellness (affecting behavior), fitness, team building and leadership skill development. Each session a Conditioned Minds sport specific staff member will offer a learning opportunity including basketball, soccer, volleyball, kickball & dodgeball, and training / obstacle course challenges. This comprehensive integrated sports leadership component directly effects how youth learn through sports while enhancing opportunities, and provides a motivational and engaging learning environment.


Break Down The Social & Emotional Barriers

Challenging situations may be arising at home. Communication is becoming harder and it doesn't seem like trust is balanced. While parent engagement is an important part of their child's development, many times there can be a disconnect in the relationship due to unidentified factors. Our positive parenting forums include enhancing parents and children's identity while learning how to collaboratively build stronger secure family relationships through communication. Teaching parents how to co-pilot their child's potential mentally, socially, and emotionally, each forum connects the family back to the basics of mutual understanding. Approach feelings through activities that build trust and respect while rerouting accountability and discipline.


Retreat from fear and place each moment as a growing opportunity for your faith. Peel your mark of fear, lean forward, and you may just see a reflection of hope. When your thoughts force you to run, make sure your compass leads you towards your faith. Never let your feelings slow you down, for the only thing slowing you down is fear.


Refresh by taking a moment to reflect. Today's calm meets its inner peace at the whisper of your smile. May the calm touch the space towards the clarity unto which you walk today. Love is the bridge, but faith keeps it stable. Take time today to listen to your calling. You are more than a gift; you are a purpose. Each day you hold potential to make a positive change in the world around you. Don't ask for the gift if you are not willing to use it. Love, lift, and refresh your purpose knowing that complaining gives success to failure.


Renew your day by finding balance. Take control of your life and lose yourself in faith. Be calm in your words to others. Fear not that you are being attacked, but that you are being prepared for something greater. Your habits today will renew the possibilities towards fulfilling your dreams tomorrow. Be patient in what you say, faithful in what you think, and positive in what you do. You are the gift that renews hope.


“Don’t let negativity empower your movement. Find a positive relationship and live there!”

The Bridge Connecting The Heart

Things are going well most of the time; but when they don't go well, how do our teens turn it around? Perseverance is instinct magnified by the heart. Since faith is guided by the heart, and the heart is the hardest working muscle in the human body, there is a chance that faith might just be the bridge connecting the heart to our teens in crisis.


Performance Modeling

Prevention Over Inspection: Cause and Effect – includes the problem statement, major cause categories, brainstorm causes, categorized causes, and identifying root causes. It is our belief that cost of preventing mistakes is usually much less than the cost of correcting them. Each family assembly session helps manage difficult and controversial situations. This level presents many challenges including but not limited to belief in another way of doing things; stress overload; self-doubt and insecurity; and being overwhelmed emotionally.

Flow Chart: Continuous Improvement – shows the direction that the process flows, the boundaries of the process, where and when the process starts and ends, and the level of detail included in the process. This simply means that our purpose is to leave each family with transformative learning skills which can be used as a template for understanding one another, inner strength dealing with disagreements, forms of affective communication skills, trust within the family unit, and team building.