Conditioned Minds Foundation offers a national based instructional leadership program designed to promote PASSION and SKILL DEVELOPMENT through leadership drills, cognitive activities, and comprehensive understanding of unit development. Prepare your student-athletes with clinics customized by Conditioned Minds. Together we will refocus the leadership characteristics of your athletic teams.

High School Clinics

Conditioned Minds offers pre season High School clinics designed to take the ego out of preparation and place work ethic techniques back into the equation of success. Each student athlete will increase skill level through mental and physical preparation, develop and maintain their role of leadership, create a stronger repetition process, establish behavior development through focus training, and create the ability to slow down while playing at full speed. Preseason has never been done like this!

Middle School Clinics

Conditioned Minds Middle School clinics develop true character. Each clinic session helps young people set and achieve goals through mental preparation, enhance self-esteem, develop respect and readiness in the classroom, and establish responsibility amongst their peers within a physical communication and team building model. Young people learn how to gain a stronger edge mentally and physically on the court, on the field, and in the classroom.


Conditioned Minds team clinics provide coaches with the opportunity to go into detail concerning goals for the season and steps necessary to realize those goals. Our clinics are a threshold to set the direction for everything that is to follow including development of motivated attitude, consistent effort, pride, loyalty to the team mission, and overall effectiveness of the team. Our team clinics are intense in nature as they expose weaknesses clearly to coaches before faced in game situations.

- Team clinics are designed as a 1 day or 3 day program to help Middle School & High School students prepare mentally and physically before the season begins. Each team clinic sets the direction for everything that is to follow.

- Our approach is to plant the seed for the kind of mind-set you want to permeate the elite squad.

- Each team clinic curriculum gives coaches an opportunity to go into detail concerning goals for the season and steps necessary to realize those goals.

- Teams receive interactive techniques on effective ways to utilize individual strengths in order to help the overall vision and mission of the coach.

- Reports are provided at the end of each team clinic, allowing coaches to view players’ individual goals, strengths and weaknesses of each individual and overall perspective of who works well together under pressure.

Team Clinic Curriculum's:

Raise Up - Teams will receive interactive techniques on effective ways to raise their level of perseverance and leadership through effort, passion, commitment, vision, and attitude. Using a fight for success strategy, Conditioned Minds ensures that each participant will learn not to be afraid of fighting for success, how to be proud of the fight, and how to get used to fighting for success. Focal points include elevating individual goals, creating stronger practice and communication skills, defining strength and ability within a team environment, and learning how to use individual talents to meet the coaches’ goals. Training techniques include development of attitude, consistent effort, pride, loyalty, and overall effectiveness of the team.

Into The Huddle - Conditioned Minds will help motivate your team and prevent senioritis. Along the way each young person will be encouraged and taught how to use their strengths to be more productive and meaningful to the team. Conditioned Minds will implement the think championships, practice like a champion, and play like champions mental techniques necessary for your team to be successful. Our approach is to plant the seed for the kind of mind-set needed to permeate the elite squad. Together embracing all moments, Into The Huddle focuses on oneness and unit training. Our strategy includes taking the team concept and implementing individual visions within the mission of the coach. Into The Huddle not only takes players to the next level as leaders, but also places them in positions to work alongside the coach instead of trying to be in front. Training techniques include creating offensive roles, developing the social makeup, and understanding roles within the team.


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