Sports League Quality Management

Providing solutions to expand growth of participation while connecting parents, schools, athletics, and community, our recreation league quality control ensures a set level of quality to determine that the output being provided within a program is the overall top quality. Our partnered goal is to meet the organization and programs requirements, service satisfaction, and data needs, while being fiscally sound and dependable with its output. By meeting these goals, Conditioned Minds is able to provide 1) customer satisfaction, 2) prevention over inspection, and 3) continuous improvement. Our focus is on major cause categories, categorized causes, and identifying root causes, while creating a performance quality assurance showing the direction that the process flows, the boundaries of the process, where and when the process starts and ends, and the level of detail included in the process.

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Customer satisfaction is a key measure of our program quality.

We are concerned with both the service of the program and the management of the program. Our expectation is that the service produced by our quality control meets your relevant qualitative and quantitative needs.






We minimize liability purposes

while leveraging name recognition and branding



Instructional Goal Planning

Measures of Standards

Critical Content

Data Based Evidence


Our quality assurance includes processes for the program, evaluations, workshops, monitoring development, anticipatory guidance, and referral measures.