Extreme Action Sports Camps

Conditioned Minds Extreme Action Sports Camp Curriculum was founded based on the ever-increasing reality of our youth not fully understanding the true breadth and scope of their mental, physical, personal, and social potential. Such a poignant reality manifests itself daily, as our young people demonstrate a life devoid of self-confidence, self-realization, attainable goals/aspirations, physical conditioning/health, and mental toughness—to name just a few areas. Conditioned Minds has developed an intense Sports camp that conquers these challenges.

The Extreme Action Sports Camp Curriculum is defined as an exclusively intense Conditioned Theory camp where young people find their true threshold mentally and physically on the Sports court while passing average set limits of basic fundamental training. Throughout the week, student-athletes of all skills levels learn how to achieve peak performance on the court, in the classroom, and with home life skill decisions.