Our Mission

Conditioned Minds mission is a montra rooted in its origins of developing young leaders, athletes, and academic performers. Using a unique interactive curriculum, Conditioned Minds integrates communication techniques and increased attentiveness, helping participants learn how to react without overreacting, balance the mind to teach the body how to kick into another gear when the physical is exhausted, ability to muscle through difficult situations with confidence, and prevent hesitation and doubt when it comes to critical thinking.

"Inside The Minds"

Conditioned Minds creates a pathway where youth no longer demonstrate a life devoid of self-confidence, self-realization, attainable goals/aspirations, and mental toughness. Providing interactive mentorship curriculums, Conditioned Minds reinvents the way young people envision, prepare, aspire, and inspire in classroom performance, through communication at home, leadership within their community, and in sports.

A primary directive of our core training curriculum's involve interactive training between the frontal cortex (the part of the brain that regulates complex traits such as attention, risk assessments, decision making, time management, and social skills; overall becoming more focused learners), and the pre motor cortex (responsible for controlling movement, and the structure heavily used by athletes).

Conditioned Minds focuses its attention on training perspective through experiential output while developing understanding of inner-self; uniting a model of conscious conceptualization and cognitive process; abstraction of process to outweigh outcome measurable's; relevant learning curves using critical thinking over physical attributes; teaching participants how to set foreseeable possibilities by strengthening input performance; using self-awareness while identifying individual character; embracing trust over fear; illustrating the importance of intention over attention perspective; unlocking preparation technique and increasing follow through; and training discipline with goal and sub-goal directives.


Training The Mind Of An Individual

Conditioned Minds uses cognitive-somatic training to develop the nations finest leaders.  What drives us daily is seeing every participant in our program go on to be successful in post-secondary education, trade school, or military service.  Every participant we have trained for extended periods have become successful students, athletes, and leaders.  We are proud to serve all communities and see transformations take place in all individuals.

Solutions for At-Risk Youth

“Redirecting perception”

The Problem:  The ever-increasing reality of our youth not fully understanding the true breadth and scope of their mental, physical, personal, and social potential manifests itself daily within schools, community, and the home. Such a poignant reality manifests itself daily, as our young people demonstrate a life devoid of self-confidence, self-realization, attainable goals/aspirations, physical conditioning/health, and mental toughness—to name just a few areas. 

Our Solution:  Conditioned Minds provides simplified remedial programs which help redirect our youth’s perception of leadership development, communication skills, focus skills, goal setting, and follow through.  Youth become more responsible for their actions while understanding their potential academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.

Solutions in the Classroom

“Understanding synergized learning”

The Problem:  Keeping "all" youth engaged is becoming harder as more students fill classroom seats and there is less interaction between teachers and large group classrooms.  This has caused many teachers to selectively handpick which students to teach in the classroom and which students to remove based on disruptive behaviors.

Our Solution:  Conditioned Minds provides a strategic pathway of communication, effective teaching, follow through, and assessments to keep students engaged, motivated, and solid critical thinkers.  This process begins with understanding the schools mission, the classroom dynamics and student learning functionalities, and introduction of an incentized structure.  By directly attacking the issues of attendance, referrals, tardies, parent-teacher communication, career preparation, and communication skills among each students learning abilities, Conditioned Minds promotes stronger education for "all" youth while making teaching easier for faculty's and administrations.

Solutions in the Home

“Creating leaders in our youth”

The Problem: Includes unsupportive demanding expectations in which the relationship is controlling, power assertive, and high in unidirectional communication; a supportive undemanding parent expectation in which relationships are indulgent, and low in control attempts; and unsupportive undemanding expectations in which the relationship is neglected or rejected and uninvolved.

Our Solution: Conditioned Minds camps, clinics, and programs are rooted in helping youth in elementary, middle, and high school perform at their best in an enhanced leadership, help adddress self-awareness or each participant with parents, and establish action goal plans while developing stronger skill set through cognitive and experiential training. This in turn creates more stable home environments where students and parents become emotionally attached to family and the infrastructure surrounding family growth.

Solutions in the Community

“Bringing people together”

The Problem:  Many communities are disconnected while having strong parks and recreation facilities, schools, family owned businesses, churches, and local youth organizations.  Many businesses are serving the same youth with different outcomes. More and more youth and families are suffering because they have to make quantity choices instead of quality choices.

Our Solution:  Conditioned Minds partners its programs with community institutions to bring effective outcomes together.  In doing so, organizations remain well equipped in maintaining substance and steady data of positive outcomes.  Conditioned Minds also provides professional development programs within its partnerships, exclusively designed to power influences within the communities while bridging the gaps between school, community services, and home. Youth are rewarded through stronger positive outcomes while families become accountable for building relationships.




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