The U Program MS Students

You have been handed the symbol of the "U" because of extra ordinary abilities you possess beyond those of ordinary people. It is up to you to learn how to maximize your powers. In order to outmatch those considered your archenemies, you will need to use your powers to help the world become a better place. From this day forward, you have been chosen to expose your strengths, and let the world see the power of the "U".

The U Which Lies In You...

You have a great sense of responsibility as you believe in the powers of your dreams. When confronted with your weakness, you must stay strong. You are not alone. There are others who possess the "U". In times of need, find them, and enlist their support to offset your weaknesses.

Powers of The "U":

Usefulness - Uniqueness - Unselfishness - Understanding


The Power of Usefulness

"U" can always be useful. While others are finding their happiness, you understand how to use the power of usefulness to fulfill your purpose. How you achieve your happiness is defined by the power of your usefulness. Your compassion will make a difference in a world which is still trying to find its purpose.

The Power of Uniqueness

"U" are the only one of a kind. Your uniqueness is defined by your attitude, your personality, your aptitude, your goals, your habits, your hobbies, and your passion. Everyone wants to find out what skills and qualities you value in yourself. They see something different in you. You do not follow what everyone else wears, what everyone else does, or what everyone else wants to become.

The Power of Unselfishness

"U" do not put yourself first. You are willing to give your time, effort, and money to help others. Your generosity and kindness are unmatched. You show your power by volunteering more than others, practicing patience, treating others how you want to be treated, and listening more. You give money for tithing and to worthy causes; and you perform random acts of kindness as often as possible without thinking first of yourself.

The Power of Understanding

"U" have a unique understanding of your fears and what helps you strive to keep your powers alive. You take time to learn from those who care and seek the wisdom of the "U" holders. You hover high above every learning institution in order to gain more knowledge each day. You understand that you have the strength to cope with adversity, find meaning in loss and trauma, and discover your strengths while using them for a good purpose.


Stories Written By The Youth

Xavier's Story of the "U"

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