Tucker Recreation: FEARLESS Program

Helping Youth Inspire Into The Possibilities

Tucker Recreation Center is featuring one the most dynamic motivational after school programs presented by former collegiate and professional athletes. The Fearless after school program empowers boys and girls in elementary and middle school (ages 9 - 14) to take a hard look within self, connect attitude to consequence, connect attributes of youth development through experiential and developmental activities, learn how to exude strength through humility in an engaged and challenging environment, develop stronger critical thinking skills, and enhance confidence by aligning future goals with follow through and decision making skills.

These are the years when bad habits, peer pressure, fear, and accountability can all have the biggest impact on a child’s life and their learning environment. Feelings of being lost and not being connected are added to a fear and sense of anxiety, resulting from newfound anonymity. For some students, these feelings can be targeted towards academic adjustments (time management and communication), while for others the focus can be related to social and safety concerns. Many schools and communities are in need of a program that gets ahead of the transitional struggles between elementary and middle school.
Every Monday & Wednesday from 3:45 p.m. - 6 p.m.
Cost: $80 per month
REGISTER TODAY: Contact Tucker Rec (770) 270-6226

Monthly Themes





Fearless Core Training Curriculum

The Fearless Curriculum focuses on exciting and challenging cognitive activities through physical interactive development, providing a supportive structure while teaching accountability, communication, and responsibility. Participants learn how to embrace resources, communicate effectively, and understand how to exceed expectations while setting higher, achievable goals. Participants are challenged physically while learning how to multitask, think on the move, become confident in their decisions, and follow through in challenging situations. This is when their cognitive development is taught how to control their process.

Redefining a vision of how students prepare for success in life and transformation in the classroom, the Fearless Curriculum seeks ways to improve the psychological, emotional, and leadership elements of a student’s development. This includes how a student views themselves within the pressures of both social and academic environments. The curriculum provides structured mental, physical, and academic development programs focused on refining internal drive and self-worth within youth, intensive goal setting and follow through, academic realignment, communication skill training, athletic development, and the most comprehensive leadership skill development coursework.

Program Benchmarks

Students reflect the ever so changing cognitive identifiers which reflect their daily attitude, aptitude, and ability to elevate their altitude of opportunities. With undefined motivation to set goals, and economical disparity in how students are being educated, absence of many positive role model factors, apathy toward education, and a consistent absence of contact with professional leaders, students are suffering tremendously.

The Fearless Program identifies and tackles all of these issues head on. In order to do so, taking on the entire structure of youth development is a no win situation; however targeting a niche group, herein known as parents, educators, and students interested in refocusing, re-energizing, and committing our youths potential using a holistic approach is the answer.