VisuaFit Action Series

The VisuaFit Action Series offers an array of comprehensive clinics, workshops, and leagues geared towards youth in grades 1 thru 8. VisuaFit offers an engaging unique opportunity to train a higher level of focus, critical thinking, and follow through.  The VisuaFit Action Series includes: flag football clinic and league, volleyball clinics, basketball tournaments, physical education course, health initiative course and online clinics. Each VisuaFit activity offers a variety of inspiration, guidance, and real time evaluation, while navigating through complex strategies.


Volleyball Clinics

Grades: 1 - 4 (Boys & Girls)

Dates: December - February

Duration: Sundays (10am - 11:30am)

5200 Northland Dr., Atlanta, GA

Cost: $140 per 4 Sessions



Cognitive & Confidence Fitness

Technical Skill Performance

Fun Team Games / Live Play


Basketball Clinics

Grades 1 - 5 (9:00am - 10:30am)

Grades 6 - 8 (11:00am - 12:30pm)

Duration: December - March (Saturdays)

5200 Northland Dr., Atlanta, GA

Cost: $599 (14 Sessions)


Participants Receive

Basketball Cognitive Training

VisuaFit T-Shirt

Basketball w Logo

Sport Bag


Flag Football Clinics & League

Grades: 5 - 8 (Boys Only)

Dates: February 14 - April 25

Day & Time: Sundays (10am - 5pm)

5200 Northland Dr., Atlanta, GA (AJA)

Cost: $560 per team (10 players per team)



10am Clinic / 10:30am - Game 1

12:30pm Clinic / 1pm - Game 2

3pm Clinic / 3:30pm - Game 3


Basketball Clinics & League

Grades: 6 - 8 (Boys & Girls)

Dates: February 14 - April 25

Day & Time: Sundays (10am - 5pm)

5200 Northland Dr., Atlanta, GA

Cost: $560 per team (10 players per team)



10am Clinic / 10:30am - Bracket 1

12:30pm Clinic / 1pm - Bracket 2

3pm Clinic / 3:30pm - Bracket 3


Basketball Tournament

Grades: 5 - 8 (Boys & Girls)

Dates: March 12 - 14, 2021

Times: Schedule TBA

5200 Northland Dr., Atlanta, GA

Team Cost: $225 (up to 10 players)



16 Teams - Double Elimination

2 Game Guarantee

T-Shirts & Gift Bags

Entry Cost: $20/day



Active Culture Learning

The Active Culture Learning Physical Education Course is a program designed to dive into the cognitive design of youth development through active engagement.  Featuring a collaborative of different exercises and activities, youth are provided with an experiential moment, not only with through guidance, but also through opportunity to self assess and evaluate the how, the why, and the when of various results.  Active Culture Learning includes: Positivity - Creating the infrastructure where positive results personally and for others during physical activity can occur through both verbal and nonverbal communication; Placement - Understanding the technical aspects of development through processes without triggering the brain to overload with critical thinking.  Youth are placed in various roles of leadership, followers, and designers, in order to build stronger processes as both individual and team units; and Peacefulness - The end result, also know as the outcome, and the ability to pull from the heart to ease the mind.  Through activities that balance the whole body of mind, spirit, and soul, youth are prepared to deal with the outcomes and recover quickly while still assessing their own balance of accomplishment.

3 Modules of Active Culture Learning

  1. Module 1 (Cardio)
  2. Module 2 (Team Building Activities / Individual Activities)
  3. Module 3 (Assessment Analysis - Reflective or Responsive)

Each class will only host 1 module for the class period.  The end of each class will feature hints of Module 3 as the instructor will provide questions for students to reflect on.  Occasionally, an entire class may be used to do a Module 3 performance evaluation where diverse questions will be provided to students in groups and they will discuss how activities have the ability to help them change in variable.  This includes the "what" (what can you do with you did today?); the "why" (why can you use any activities you did today as a measuring device for something else?); and the "how" (how are there any newly acquired skills you learned today that you can apply to new situations).