Weekend Basketball

Finish Your Season Stronger Than You Started! 

Train with Rodney Zimmerman (former UCLA, NBA, Europe Pro, and National Motivator).

The Complete & Confident Basketball Player


Times: 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Location: Atlanta Jewish Academy (5200 Northland Dr, Atlanta, GA 30342)
Boys & Girls - ages 8+

Learn how to love the game the right way, with discipline, preparation, basketball knowledge, follow through, and enhanced self-confidence.


Session 1

Technique Preparation - Shooting Form
Transformative Design - Consistent Shooting

Session 2

Floor Spacing - How to defend the whole court
Offensive & Defensive Spacing - Rebounding

Session 3

Transformational Leadership - Ball Handling
Maximum Performance - Shooting

Session 4

Building Self-Confidence - Creating a Consistent Basketball Player
Aligning Intelligent Learning - Creating a Focused Basketball Player

Session 5

Offensive Positioning - Guard Moves and Post Moves
Defensive Positioning - Reading the Floor on Defense

Session 6

Calculated Motivation - Consistent Shooting, Ball Handling, & Passing
Introduction To The Possible / Handling Pressure - Perseverance Training

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