Engaged Connections Within The Jewish Community

Leadership Programs Serving Jewish Youth

Through an inspired relationship with Mrs. Betty Minsk,  z”l in 2019, Rodney Zimmerman and the Conditioned Minds Foundation each year will host a series of sponsored events throughout various Jewish communities around the country. While Mrs. Betty Minsk represented the quality of an individual, not defined by what she had, but by the measure of how she lived; every program activity through these collaborated efforts will bridge not only the efforts of raising physical awareness and leadership amongst youth in the Jewish community, but will also bridge a community component between Jewish youth and diverse ethnic communities. Bringing light to a moment, and wisdom to a thought that making an impact meant serving everyone; Conditioned Minds Foundation is proud to offer these program opportunities, bridging differences, values, communication, and understanding amongst all.

Camp Mad Kavod (Summer) 

This free camp is focused around Menschlechkeit (character, integrity, & sensitivity), mentorship and responsibility, respect, graciousness, and connectedness. 15 high school Jewish youth will have a unique opportunity to mentor 60 inner city middle school youth in a sport and leadership environment. Middle School participants will be afforded an incredible experience from start to finish each day.

From being picked up in the mornings, provided free meals throughout the week, hearing from incredible guest speakers (pro athletes, educators, city officials, business leaders, motivational speakers), participating in leadership and skill workshops, and team competition in athletics; each participant will have a memorable lifetime experience. Through an inspired weekly curriculum, both the high school mentors and middle school mentees will experience a connectedness like no other.

Whose Got Next Basketball Tournament (Spring)

Conditioned Minds Foundation with the Atlanta Jewish Academy is dedicated to the opportunity for ALL youth to succeed. To that end, these partners are hosting a basketball tournament with proceeds going to both the boys and girls basketball teams at Atlanta Jewish Academy, and towards closing the opportunity gap by providing financial assistance for camp opportunities and provisions for youth in foster care determined to achieve success.

The first annual Whose Got Next Basketball Tournament bridges respect, faith, courage, connectedness, and opportunities to bring youth from different backgrounds together for a 3 day tournament. This years tournament is offered to 5th - 8th grade boys and girls. Atlanta Jewish Academy (5200 Northland Dr, Atlanta, GA 30342) will host this 3 day opportunity. High School youth in the Jewish community are organizing and leading the event.

Young LEAD Clinics (High Holidays)

Young Leaders Engaging Active Development Clinics allow opportunities during the High Holidays for Jewish youth, boys and girls (grades 3 - 5) to stay active while parents are at shul. Including more than physical activities such as tag, scavenger hunts, relay races, soccer, kickball, basketball, and mission impossible obstacle courses; participants will develop a stronger self confidence while engaging in team building, and individual hands on activities including chess and arts & crafts.

Young LEAD provides an incredible opportunity for kids to build stronger positive communication and leadership skills while building humility, connectedness, and courage. LEAD focuses on providing creative outlets for youth while teaching the values of respect and holiness. Participants embrace understanding of positive reinforcement, learning how to lead by their actions, confidence in voicing their opinions, and actively engaging with others.