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Others Make It Happen By Understanding The Process

The summer is almost here and it is time to get ready for one of the most incredible camp experiences ever. Conditioned Minds Extreme Action Basketball Camps not only transform game performers, but enhances leadership, confidence, and an ability to see past failure, fear, and outcomes. Don't miss the EA camp at Atlanta Jewish Academy this summer or in Gwinnett County. Guaranteed to change your childs game, physically on the court, and mentally both on and off the court!!

Your Legacy Is What Defines You, And It's Yours To Own!!!

The Man Behind The Vision

Meet Rodney Zimmerman

At Conditioned Minds we believe that the greatest fear is fear of one’s own expectations. If young people are designed to seek higher than expected through hard work and fun, the worse once can do is reach a goal, also known as a perpendicular point of outcome defined by our values of success and failure. What must be realized is that what is willed from learning becomes that of each individuals struggle to strengthen ones individual journey.

Through cognitive, somatic, and socio-emotional experiential application, each participant has the ability to learn that when things are going well, not to settle or quit; but rather to become and do better through perseverance, without fear, or thought of outcome. To accomplish this means to have a humbled heart, yet lead by example through every process. The sign of success inside the winner is built on the challenge we already face before beginning the journey.

It Doesn't Feel Like Training When It Becomes A Lifestyle!