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How you choose to show up and perform determines how you choose to practice and prepare! We are committed to push you to be a better student and athlete because you can!

The U in YOU is powerful! We make it a point to remind you of your inner strength through positive reinforcement! We stretch your mind and push you to unimaginable possibilities!

While we are here to guide student athletes on ways to overcome some of life's challenges, it is important that we stress their personal need to invest in themselves.

Our Programs

Fearless Affective Skills Program

Fearless is a SEL curriculum developed to understand behavior in at-risk High School youth. The core identifiers of Fearless include:  the progress of participating users based on successful and unsuccessful percentages, next steps modeling for non-responsive users, exiting users interested in finding a finish line objective and progress of users who have been faded from interventions.

Global Leaders

Global Leaders offers a leadership training program for student-athletes throughout the year. The program gives participants tools to visualize and apply while ultimately teaching each member how to determine their own success.  Through the creation of an experiential motivational and interactive work and service environment, the vision is to ensure participants gain the knowledge and motivation to achieve their desired goals.

Extreme Action

The Extreme Action Sports Curriculum is defined as an exclusively intense Conditioned Theory camp where young people find their true threshold mentally and physically in sports while passing average set limits of fundamental training. Student-athletes of all skills levels learn how to achieve peak performance on the court, in the classroom, and with home life skill decisions.