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High School Graduates


College Attendance

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Student Athletes

Athletes participating in Conditioned Minds training programs have gone on to become successful collegians, graduates, executives, teachers, and coaches.  Participants in our camps and programs learn how to slow down cognitively while moving quicker physically, develop stronger focus and communication skills, and develop their talents through self confident modeling.

Young Leaders

Conditioned Minds provides young leaders with the tools and opportunities to help them become incredible leaders in their school and community.  Our programs offer access to employment, workshops, tutoring, and leadership driven clinics, while linking quality control to active programming and incentives in each young leaders community.


Conditioned Minds offers schools and district officials an affective skills program which redirects the attitudes and outcomes  of at-risk students while providing direction to individual learning styles through self assessments.  Conditioned Minds integrates a software AI technology which has the ability to get in front of the problem of each student and redirect their outcomes.

Community Parks & Rec

Conditioned Minds realizes that there are many community park athletic programs making a difference in their respective communities.  Conditioned Minds provides a quality control program connecting families, park & rec athletic programs, local businesses, and schools, while incentivizing parental responsibility and youth leadership.

Conditioned Minds education programs offer in school elective programs, assemblies, peer mentoring groups, and effective skills courses.  Each program identifies and targets students to help them refocus, re-energize, and commit each participant’s potential to experiential learning applications. 

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Conditioned Minds sports program provides some of the most in-depth training, cognitive development, critical thinking enhancement, and self-driven techniques for each participant to reach their goals. 

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Conditioned Minds hosts an AI technology called B.A.R.I.N. featuring biometric analytics for understanding learning paths towards preferred behavioral outcomes in at-risk youth.

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