Higher Achievers


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High School Graduates


College Attendance

Inspiring The Possibilities

Year Round Programs

Includes community based programs for student athletes as well as school and organizational programs directly affecting recidivism in at-risk youth, outcomes, and transformative learning styles.

Seasonal Programs

Designed to provide outlets for youth and communities seeking positive quality control programs tailored around community, parent involvement, and competitive play.

Camps & Clinics

Spring, Summer, and Winter camps and clinic programs focused on providing leadership, sports, and mentoring both locally and nationally for boys and girls.

Conditioned Minds Future

Individual backing and community support allows the company to complete development of AI technology.

Conditioned Minds education programs offer in school elective programs, assemblies, peer mentoring groups, and effective skills courses.  Each program identifies and targets students to help them refocus, re-energize, and commit each participant’s potential to experiential learning applications. 

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Conditioned Minds sports program provides some of the most in-depth training, cognitive development, critical thinking enhancement, and self-driven techniques for each participant to reach their goals. 

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Conditioned Minds hosts an AI technology called B.A.R.I.N. featuring biometric analytics for understanding learning paths towards preferred behavioral outcomes in at-risk youth.

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