Conditioned Minds

Mission: Conditioned Minds provides Transformative Learning and Cognitive Athletic Influence to students, athletes, adults, families, athletic teams, and administrative organizations.

Services Offered:

Conditioned Minds offers year round programs for youth, adults, and organizations focusing on 1) directly reducing recidivism in at-risk youth; 2) providing structured motivational leadership for student athletes; and 3) providing individual and small group training to help youth and families decode pressures while inspiring personal development and growth.


Developing The Whole Child


- Communication Skills
- Leadership Development
- Time Management & Discipline
- Accountability & Follow Through



- Coping With Anxiety
- Goal Setting
- Developing Self-Confidence
- Stronger Critical Thinking Skills



- Academic School Improvement
- College Preparation
- Community Involvement
- Athletic Development


Every Child Deserves To Learn How To Soar

Conditioned Minds meets each participant where they are at with innovative and interactive teaching tools. By teaching each participant how to swim, our programs, camps, and clinics teach each individual how to rise past their fears and frustrations, while having a tempered attitude and incredible perseverance to succeed.