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Conditioned Minds Foundation Inc is a nonprofit 501c3 organization providing programs which align meaningful and sustainable change through stronger critical thinking skills, processing, and better decision making. For CMF and our team, inspiring the possibilities simply means providing programs which positively impact diverse community outcomes and enhance opportunities for all youth and adults. CMF is funded through donations from like-minded people, our Extreme Action Camp fundraisers, as well as our partners dedicated to embracing all communities.

CMF Inspires The "U" Inside of YOU

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Fearless School Program

Affective Skills Development

Conditioned Minds Fearless Program embeds critical thinking and communication skills into special education classrooms around the country:

  • creating awareness through cognitive development using experiential training.
  • inspiring while challenging the emotional, mental, and physical growth.
  • enhancing critical thinking and personal development.
  • building individual and team leadership.
  • creating learning opportunities to advance transitional focus.

Extreme Action Camps

Unlocking Somatic & Cognitive Learning

CMF trains both the frontal cortex; regulating complex traits (attention, risk assessments, decision making, time management, and social skills), while training the pre motor cortex, responsible for physical and emotional controlling follow through.  Our Extreme Action Camps elevate the physical while enhancing the mental ability to process quicker, become a team leader, and elevate how a participant perceives their ability and peak performance within physical attributes.

Global Leaders Program

More Than An Outcome - Built On A Process

The learning intentions of CMF's Global Leaders Program are linked to critical thinking skills (making thinking important), personal capabilities (setting open-ended challenges and perseverance), promoting independent learning (setting goals), and effective questioning (inner strength). 7th & 8th graders define direction; 9th & 10th graders go through transformative learning; 11th graders focus on decision making, while 12th graders raise their goals and expectations.


Environmental Learning Program

Collaboration, Simplicity, and Scalability

Conditioned Minds detailed approach to our environmental program surrounds an assessment without prescribing exact assessment task and criteria for judging them. This eventually leaves each participant with an ability to use various sequences to grasp various benchmarks. The design of each program meets complex specifications to be made among constraints, benefits, and risks. Each program provides a systematic design of different tasks and problematic stage formulas which can be returned for reconsideration and modification.


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