About Global Leaders

The Global Leaders program is designed to empower student-athletes to excel academically and athletically with resiliency, character, virtues, and the discipline to become a stronger self-driven, confident leader.

Our Focus

Global Leaders focuses on four key elements

Mental and Physical
Service/Community Based Project
Raising Academic Standards
College Prep Opportunities

Community Development w/ NBA Star & Humanitarian Dikembe Mutombo

Community development includes a variety of areas supporting local, national, and worldwide initiatives. Rebuilding within the community, and reviving relationships that deal directly with change is a primary focus of the Global Leaders service commitment. that deal directly with change is a primary focus of the Global Leaders service commitment. Each participant is involved in annual causes and effort projects including: a community project (taking an active role in making a difference in a community); a national cause (reconnecting a bigger cause and collaborating with other initiatives); and an enlightenment of the world project (volunteering time and services). Global Leaders understand that the most powerful lesson is the knowledge and a love of service. Participants do not plan their involvement in the community solely by how they see things, but rather by their interactive spirit to see a different end result.

Conditioned Minds Global Leaders program is thrilled to have Dikembe Mutombo (NBA Hall of Fame Basketball Player) as the face of our community leadership excellence. Aligning the values of Global Leaders, Dikembe's vision to help others expands worldwide. From Africa to Israel, Thailand to Dubai, or the United States to a global platform, we are proud to lean on Dikembe's understanding of bringing the world together. Athletics plays such a crucial role in overall child development. By teaming up with Dikembe, the Global Leaders program offers student athletes in both the United States and overseas an incredible opportunity to expand their knowledge and make change around the world with the strength many young people never dreamed of having. Through empathy and understanding, the student athletes in Conditioned Minds Global Leaders are designing their platform of leadership, growing opportunities to continue on into post secondary education, while using sports as a tool to make change.

Participant Requirements

3.3 GPA or Higher During the Academic School Year
Active Sport Participant in School or Club Team
Commitment For Success