The P3 Experience



Physically train the mindset. Inspire the mental strength to persevere. Interactive cognitive approach.


Regulate focus and critical thinking. Break down the wall of fear. Conquer the mental roadblocks.


Raise mental and physical thresholds. Become a higher threshold achiever.

P3 Course Design

Our P3 experience is designed as a 4-5 hour interactive session, creating the unique mindset and cognitive behavioral awareness to push participants over unpredicted hurdles.

The P3 experience holds significant importance for each participant as it offers a holistic approach to preparation and performance, addressing not only physical prowess but also crucial cognitive skills essential for success.

  • Participants of the P3 experience engage in exercises that simulate real-time decision making situations.
  • Our P3 experience helps participants develop quicker and more positive cognitive response; allowing them to quickly adapt to changes in their environment or others’ actions.
  • Conditioned Minds incorporate activities that challenge participants to adapt to changing circumstances and employ different cognitive strategies.
  • Increase focus and concentration by including exercises designed to enhance focus, attention, and concentration skills.

Through our tailored P3 program and assessment, our cognitive driven experience helps youth and adults improve decision-making, reaction time, focus, and resilience, thereby enhancing their performance and reducing potential risks. Its time to gain a competitive edge that leads to long-term success in all facets of life.