Fearless Affective Skills Program Funding

Fearless Affective Skills Program Funding

Participant Demographics: Title 1 schools; low income families; African-American, Hispanic, American Indians, Asians, Alaska Natives, and Pacific Islanders; 9th - 12th graders.

Overarching Goal: Increase graduation rate; keep students in the classroom; prepare students for future work employment; and help create learning paths using educational learning science and mental/emotional health technology tools for students with learning disabilities and students with emotional behavior disorders.

Funding Needed ($14,700): Each year, a Fearless Affective Skills Program costs $10,500 per school to operate.  Through contracts, school districts fund 72% ($7560) annually per Affective Skills Program in each school.  With a target of 5 - 10 schools per year utilizing the Affective Skills Program, Conditioned Minds Foundation is responsible for  funding $2,940 per school to operate the program.  With an average of 5 schools using the Fearless Program, the Foundation is responsible for $14,700 annually on average.

About Fearless Affective Skills Program:

  • Identifies and targets students in grades 9-12 to help reinforce focus, reenergize, and commit each participant’s potential to experiential learning applications.
  • Empowers students to excel academically and socially by teaching behavior modification, resiliency, character development, accountability, virtues, academic awareness, and the discipline to become a stronger self-driven student; driving every student to own their responsibility, and inspire their possibility through incentives.
  • Students have the ability to change their social, academic, and cognitive identifiers which reflect their daily attitude, aptitude, and ability to elevate their altitude of opportunities.
  • Creates a positive, structured space to expand self, explore new ideas, cultivate empathy, strengthen connections and develop life skills that will help each individual move through adolescence and beyond.
  • Creates an innate ability for young learners to better understand their potential, their fears, and how to attack both.

Contact Information:

Conditioned Minds Foundation  *  Tel: (678) 615-8160  * Email: conditionedminds@gmail.com

Rodney Zimmerman (Founder)  *  Tel: (404) 380-0534  * Email: rodneyzimmerman14@gmail.com