CMF Fearless Program

Affective Skills Program Targeting Nationwide At-Risk Youth

Fearless is a program empowering at-risk students to excel academically and socially by teaching behavior modification, resiliency, character development, accountability, virtues, academic awareness, and the discipline to become a stronger self-driven student; driving every child to own their responsibility, and inspire their possibility.  Conditioned Minds Fearless Affective Skills Program identifies and targets students in grades nine through twelve to help re-enforce focus, reenergize, and commit each participant’s potential to experiential learning applications. 

The Affective Skills Program curriculum creates a positive, structured space to expand self, explore new ideas, cultivate empathy, strengthen connections and develop life skills that will help each individual move through adolescence and beyond.  Students have the ability to change their social, academic, and cognitive identifiers which reflect their daily attitude, aptitude, and ability to elevate their altitude of opportunities.  By addressing the whole – heart, body, soul, and social connection, the Fearless Affective Skills Program creates an innate ability for young learners to better understand their potential, their fears, and how to attack both.

Through the lens bringing together concepts and content for deeper thinking and meaning; Fearless draws instruction back to the significance of real life application, while providing a standard that transcends specific places, cultures, and times in each student’s development. Fearless includes a user analysis of inner strength development, self control, responsive and reflective skills, life skill development (time management, preparation, follow through, and positive emotion to self-esteem), problem solving (re-balancing the imagination, critical thinking skills, and dealing with stressful environments), and college prep.

Core Identifiers


Progress of participating users based on percentages


Next steps modeling for non-responsive users


Exiting users interested in finding a finish line objective


Progress of users who have been faded from interventions


Assessdo Software Included With Fearless

OUR METHODS: The methods of Assessdo are rooted in design modules (Pulse and Catch a Feeling) concentrating on the following measurement types:

  • Thoughts and Behavior Predictions
  • Social Emotional Behaviors
  • Interpretation of Thoughts and Behaviors
  • Observation of Thoughts and  Behaviors

 These methods provide clarity that builds consensus, facilitates honest discussions with groups of any size, and creates a turnkey breakthrough of powerful dialogue.  Our  platform connects proven cognitive behavioral diagnostics that enables school psychologists, administrators, teachers, and students being assessed to work both collaboratively with integrity, while building consensus and facilitating global discussions with individuals and/or groups of any size.