CMF Fearless Program


Affective Skills Leadership curriculum is used by teachers and coaches to help students excel by teaching behavior modification, resiliency, character development, work ethic, accountability, academic awareness, and discipline to inspire possibilities.

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Each month, the Conditioned Minds Foundation provides incentives back to each classroom involved in the Fearless program.  The foundation provides incentives for swag merchandise, gift cards, and trip funding.

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Assessdo captures data on students’ behavior, providing insights into their learning preferences, engagement levels, and challenges. Use data to identify areas where additional assistance may be necessary.

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Fearless Curriculum

Fearless identifies and targets students in grades six through twelve to help re-enforce focus, reenergize, and commit each participant’s potential to experiential learning applications.  Fearless includes a user analysis of inner strength development, self control, responsive and reflective skills, life skill development (time management, preparation, follow through, and positive emotion to self-esteem), problem solving (re-balancing the imagination, critical thinking skills, and dealing with stressful environments), and college prep.  The curriculum creates a positive, structured space to expand self, explore new ideas, cultivate empathy, strengthen connections and develop life skills that will help each individual move through adolescence and beyond.  

No matter the size of your enrollment or the scope of your multi-tiered system of support, Fearless draws instruction back to the significance of real life application, while providing a standard that transcends specific places, cultures, and times in each student’s development. 

Affective Skills Leading Towards Graduation