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EPIC Youth Toolbox Software Access

E.P.I.C. Software Applications support formative evaluations linking active and cooperative learning, physical and sport specific training, behavior, focus, leadership, and school relevancy. E.P.I.C. provides user applications aligning a guided path of preparatory measures connecting youth goals back to school and athletic missions; an online database of academic, community; athletic achievements allowing the user to generate their connections to prior achievements; and youth development applications unlocking their fears while implementing character development.

Monthly Webinars (Social Skill, College Prep, Attitude)

Understanding what each young person needs to do to reach their major milestones academically this year is important for both parents and young people alike. Having the right attitude in the classroom and in sports go hand in hand; and understanding how effective communication creates more positive outcomes is crucial at a time when social media dictates the primary source of communication. Each webinar helps young people create a roadmap towards their aspirations while gaining a comprehensive understanding of how to reach specific possibilities through action planning, confidence, preparation, and comprehensive processes. Webinars are led by former and current professional athletes, educators, and motivational speakers.

EA Georgia Basketball Camp Discount Page Access

Basketball camps are important for all youth as they crave not only the interaction, but the motivation to pursue a sport that they love. Conditioned Minds Foundation offers Extreme Action Basketball Camps throughout Georgia in the cities of Norcross, Sandy Springs, and Lawrenceville. Conditioned Minds EA basketball camps help each camper create a sense of purpose while discovering their goals through technique, games, hard work, and fun. Every camp day our goal is to ensure each camper makes continuous progress in their quest to become a better basketball player.

EA Colorado Basketball Camp Discount Page Access

Each summer, Conditioned Minds Foundation hosts its annual Extreme Action Basketball Camp in Colorado Springs. At this camp, your child has the opportunity to experience not only the skills of basketball, but how to apply the right attitude, effort, and understanding, to reach the winner inside. With a focus on leadership development, participants historically have excelled in the classroom, the community, and better decision making on and off the court.

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