Assessdo About Us

What Does Assessdo Do?

Assessdo concentrates on aligning unbiased thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, while providing subjective and formative results, allowing the necessary dialogue for stronger interpretation outcomes by the user. A tool to help us see things that our mind may be hiding from us!

Designed for peak configurability, our assessment building platform is intuitive to use and allows for customizable cognitive and behavioral assessments to deploy internally, externally, or with clients in a consultant capacity.
Our AI predicts real-world generated emotions from scientific data. Get accuracy in predicting competencies and behaviors in talents to support learning and development.
Assessdo allows executives, administrators, and instructors to be more organized when aiming to understand the behaviors, perceptions, and potential intentions of others. Create a more subjective data-driven workplace culture while generating comprehensive reporting based on a single response, combined responses from several individuals, or company-wide input.
Include videos, images, and unlimited text for training or bringing context to the assessment. Customizable start/stop, date and time functionality for managing mapping efficiency to different departments, staffs, and individuals. Admin & instructor roles allow for private and public notes to provide immediate added insight to each assessment.

What if technology could predict how someone was going to feel about something or someone down the line?

There Is Power in An Assessdo Assessment

Our turnkey breakthrough of powerful assessing makes it easy to administer, manage, and interpret results. By assessing faster, we improve collaboration, reduce confusion, and deliver customizable behavioral assessments to predict job fit, team development, and environments best served.

Get insight rather than just data on your employees, teams, and customers.

AI Driven Technology

Assessdo predicts culture fit by analyzing values, beliefs, competencies and behavioral fit with your employees, workplace, and communities. Utilize our unique asset functionality for individual personality analysis.

Bias Reduction & DEI

Eliminate recruitment bias with psychometric assessments. Save time and assess job fit, roles, and responsibilities amongst individuals or teams. Real interpretation while saying goodbye to unconscious bias in decision making.

Psychometric assessments increase productivity while improving communication in almost every environment.

Assessdo Insights = Awareness

Build better teams by improving team effectiveness. Help teams better understand each other and develop healthier team dynamics by exploring temperaments to learn more about key traits like competitiveness, empathy, analytical thinking, sense of urgency and determination. Multi-user collaboration with in-depth conclusive insight on the thoughts of all users. Strengthen leaders, employees, and customer satisfaction with 360-degree feedback about real-world behaviors in order to help teams and organizations learn where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

No matter the size of your enrollment or the scope of your programs, we can help you fulfill your mission. Assessdo is designed for every institution.


  • Educational Institutions
  • Corporations
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Athletic Teams



  • Hiring & Recruitment
  • Performance & Personnel Evaluations
  • Social Perception Training
  • Observational Assessing
  • Personality Inventory
  • Team Positioning & Development