Inside The Mind of Assessdo

Message From the Creator

Looking Inside the Mind to Create a Nonbiased System

The source of experience is within us.  We are indiscriminate to divide the universe based on our own experiences and importance.  We continue to project our own cognitive biases, conscious bias, and prejudices, onto unbiased evidence.  While solutions are necessary, it is our human nature to insert our own personal imaging and experiences (many times the wrong messages to one another), which causes our intelligence to turn against ourselves. 

Our lives today have become more comfortable because of technology.  We are connected through memories to content (things, places, people), thoughts, and habits.  Because our thoughts have to do with feelings, we live on a content minded planet with things like news and social media.  Our analytical minds separate our conscious (taking charge) from our subconscious (not being fully aware); and how we think and feel creates our new state of being.

Creating A System of Awareness and Redirection

Different thoughts can produce different outcomes; however, a technology system does not have to let you respond to each person’s individual thoughts as if they are true.  The thought of removing bias interpretation from an instructor could possibly help the instructor get a universal idea of a user’s thoughts.  No longer would our emotional thoughts need to be reaffirmed.  The emotional thought can now be the system, and we can be authentic with our thoughts in which we no longer spend time predicting the outcomes.   

The system, using a tool called assets, can now take the imaging of our thoughts and emotions and compile the information into different themes assessing various emotions.  In doing so, the system can alter our experience, and each theme can assess various emotions in different environments.  The system, now understanding probabilities, can change interactive experiences such as the lighting in our house to reflect the necessary healthy emotional state (defined in assessments taken by ourselves), or the temperature to redirect an emotional state (based on our daily influxes of emotions).  The system can change social experiences including team development and friendships or can redirect how we think about things by understanding emotional events. 

Why Assessdo Is Key for Schools

We all have a normalcy bias, whether between faculty or students we work with.  Normalcy bias is transferable where we get blindsided; but worse-case-scenario bias is transformable where we become open to change.  Breaking this pattern of thinking works if we allow technology to help see change coming from people’s thoughts and emotions.  Individually as humans, our thoughts can become stressful, with lingering thoughts internally and a stronger emotional reaction.  Assessdo is a science and technology for our inner wellbeing where we can gain clarity amongst each other to take the next step.  How we understand changes the quality of our lives, not how much we understand.  Assessdo gathers the content in order to provide the context for capturing a more impactful life of conversation and solutions.  “Feel Free to Capture Life but Create an Impact Along the Way!”