Skills Program Targeting Youth Leadership Development

The Fearless Leadership Skills Lab brings together concepts and content for deeper thinking and meaning; drawing instruction back to the significance of real life application, while providing a standard that transcends specific places, cultures, and times in each student’s development. Fearless includes a user analysis of inner strength development, self control, responsive and reflective skills, life skill development (time management, preparation, follow through, and positive emotion to self-esteem), problem solving (re-balancing the imagination, critical thinking skills, and dealing with stressful environments), and college prep.

 Students will gain understanding of real-life application regulating attention, risk assessments, decision making, time management, and social skills; overall becoming more focused learners. Fearless empowers students to excel academically and socially by redirecting and repositioning behavior, resiliency, character development, accountability, virtues, academic awareness, and the discipline to become a stronger self-driven student; driving every child to own their responsibility, and inspire their possibility.