CMF Spring Basketball League


General League Information

  • Location: Atlanta Jewish Academy (5200 Northland Drive, Atlanta, GA 30342)
  • Sundays
  • Dates: Apr 10, Apr 17, Apr 24, May 1, May 15, May 22, May 29, June 5
  • Times: 6:00pm  & 7:00pm
  • No outside coolers or food allowed


  • Entry Cost: $3 adults and $2 children (ages 5 – 18)

Game Format

  • 2 – 20 minute halves running clock / Last 2 minutes of second half clock stops
  • A player shoots one free throw for 2 or 3 points on all shooting fouls.  Common fouls will be taken out of bounds unless the team has reached 7 team fouls or the 10 fouls for the double bonus.  Then the player will shoot one free throw for 2 points. A player fouled on a made basket will not shoot a free throw.  The basket will count as an and one.
  • The last two minutes of the game in regulation or in overtime, all free throws will go back to normal 1, 2 or 3 shots depending on the situation.
  • Two (2) timeouts per team per half.  4 total for the game.
  • 2 officials per game
  • Foul rules are the same as high school. Seven (6) for the bonus, ten (8) for the double bonus.
  • Players are permitted five (5) fouls before fouling out.
  • Overtime is 3 minutes.  2nd overtime is first basket wins.
  • One (1) technical foul for player or coach; One shot for two points and the ball taken out of bounds.
  • Two (2) technical fouls in same game for player or coach; disqualified for the 1st half of next scheduled game and One shot for two points and the ball taken out of bounds.

Team Download Information

Please download and fill out the team roster.  Once completed, please email form back to    CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Please have each participant fill out the player waiver form. Forms may be returned to Rodney Zimmerman before the start of the first game.     CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

League Schedule & Results

Date: April 10

6:00pm Team M I Elite vs. MOT (MOT Won 50 – 43)
7:00pm Brandon Hall vs. Jaguars (Jaguars Won 49 – 47)

Date: April 24

7:00pm Brandon Hall vs. Team M I Elite (Brandon Hall won 47 – 42)

Date: May 1

6:00pm MOT vs. Brandon Hall (MOT won 64 – 31)
7:00pm Jaguars vs. Team M I Elite (Team M I Elite 61 – 30)


Date: May 15

6:00pm MOT vs. Jaguars 
7:00pm Team M I Elite vs. Brandon Hall   

Date: May 22

6:00pm Jaguars vs. Brandon Hall 
7:00pm MOT vs. Team M I Elite  

Date: May 29

6:00pm Jaguars vs. Team M I Elite   
7:00pm MOT vs. Brandon Hall  

Date: June 5

6:00pm Runner-Up Game 
7:00pm Championship Game



We are happy to answer any questions you may have.


Atlanta Jewish Academy

5200 Northland Drive, Atlanta, GA 30342




(678) 615-8160