Combine Questions And Answers

2021 Training Combine FAQ's

What forms are required in order for my child to participate?

Once registration is completed, you will be emailed a liability waiver that must be signed and emailed back to Conditioned Minds Foundation before your child can participate in any training sessions or live play.

How early can my child arrive and what time must he/she be picked up?

Participants may arrive 30 minutes before their combine start time.  Pick up for participants at end of day must be no later than 30 minutes after dismissal time.  There will be a $25 charge per 30 minutes for any participant remaining past the 30 minute grace period at end of combine.  Payments must be made before your child arrives to their next combine training day.

Where and when is check in?

Check in will take place at the same location as drop off.  Parents do not need to get out of the car.  An instructor will be located at the drop off location to check in each participant.

What does my child need to bring to camp?
Participants should come dressed in sporting attire (shorts, sweats, sneakers, t-shirt). Please leave all watches, jewelry and electronics (i.e.: ipods, mp3s, and video games) at home as we will not be responsible for such items. Participants may of course bring any medication they may need. Please make the camp director aware of any medication.

  • Basketball Participants - Bring basketball with name clearly labeled on ball; water bottle with name clearly labeled; and sack lunch.

Do we provide lunch?

Participants should bring a sack lunch.  Our combines do allow for parents/guardians to pick up their child and leave the campus for lunch.  If a parent wishes to take multiple participants (not their children) offsite, a permission form must be filled out by the parent of the child leaving campus before they will be allowed to leave the campus.  This is done to ensure the safety of all participants in our care.

Do you provide before and after care?
There is no before and after care provided for our training combines.

Is the combine very competitive?

Our focus is to teach individual development. Our combines are guaranteed to inspire all participants with an emphasis on processes over outcomes.  Our experiential training platform will enhance each participants opportunities for elevated team performance.

How are the participants divided during the combine?
Participants are placed in groups according to their age at the very beginning of the training combine unless they register to be placed with a particular team.  For those participants who do not register with any particular team, they will be assessed on the first training combine day and placed based on skillset and leadership.

Can my child be on the same team as his/her friends?

Participants who register to be on a particular team, will train together with their team and play all live games with their team. 

May I cancel my registration?

Fees are refundable up until 14 days from the combine start date. There is a $50 non-refundable administration fee for all cancellations.

Will there be medical staff at the camp?

There will be medical personnel on site during live play only.  All of our instructors are CPR and First Aid certified.

What if my child has to leave early?

Please inform the instructor at the beginning of the day if your child needs to leave early. If there is an emergency and your child needs to leave early, you may contact the facility office or the Conditioned Minds main office (678) 615-8160.

Who are the instructors?
Our accomplished staff is comprised of a wide array of sport and leadership backgrounds. Participants will receive instruction from a combination of high school and club coaches, as well as current and former college and professional players.

Can parents stay and watch during the training combine?
Parents are not allowed to stay during the training sessions, but may attend the games in the afternoon.  There is an entrance fee for all afternoon games.

Cancellation by Conditioned Minds Foundation

In the unlikely event that Conditioned Minds Foundation needs to cancel a combine session, we will move the date of a combine to a later date.  Camper waives any and all damages that may otherwise arise out of any training combine cancellation and agrees to accept as liquidated damages said registration fees.