EA Summer Basketball Camp Georgia

CMF Georgia Summer Basketball Camp

Conditioned Minds Foundation has developed Extreme Action Camps to conquer challenges including self-confidence, self-realization, attainable goals/aspirations, physical conditioning/health, and mental toughness. Throughout the week, student-athletes of all skills levels learn how to achieve peak performance on the court/field while developing stronger leadership and decision making skills.  

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Get ready for our exciting focus development and skill enhancement camp. Become the incredible court leader, aligning an incredible work ethic and defined purpose within every aspect of life around the game.  From stronger focus, skill level enhancement under pressure situations, and ability to handle critical thinking in game situations, each camp mission is to teach participants how to become incredible court leaders at their position, aligned with an incredible work ethic and defined purpose / respect within every aspect of the game. 

July 25 - 29, 2022
9am - 4pm daily / 9am - 12pm Friday
Boys & Girls (ages 9 - 18)
Location: TBA  
Cost: $299 per participant  


A full week of volleyball, soccer, kickball, flag football, and basketball.  No matter what sport(s) your child is interested in, this camp is an inclusive all in one camp designed to enhance hand-eye coordination, footwork, confidence, and leadership. 

July 25 - 29, 2022
Grades 1 - 4 (9am - 12pm daily) - Monday thru Friday .... Cost: $199
Grades 5 - 11 (9am - 4pm daily / 9am - 12pm Friday) .... Cost: $299
Location: TBA  

40 Participants Allotted