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Fearless is driven by its functional data tracking system which is designed to understand the variables within the environments that are associated with positive social interactions and outcomes. In doing so, Fearless pinpoints event settings, triggers, goals, problem behaviors, and functional analysis for consistent improvement and outcomes. Fearless develops a hypothesis around why problems occur and the functions of the behaviors surrounding the problems.

Data collection includes: 1) event settings determining where behaviors occur and where they do not; 2) what may contribute to the behaviors and what is unique about the environments where behaviors are not a concern; 3) showing how behavior is different in the places where the problem behaviors do occur; 4) illustrating behaviors likely to occur in a specific set of circumstances or setting; 5) educated guesses (hypothesis) based on the data constructed around why problem behaviors occur and the function of the behaviors; 6) and providing strategies to replace problem behaviors with appropriate behaviors that serve the same function for the child.



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