Fearless Program Grant Extension Funding

Grant Extension Funding

Fearless Affective Skills Program (Elective Class)

Sponsorship is the engine behind Conditioned Minds Foundation annual tournament.  While each tournament is designed to raise funds for both Jewish Community sports and inner city youth development programs, no tournament can function properly without your support.  We are seeking a lead financial sponsor, t-shirt sponsors, and in-kind sponsors.

Lead Financial Sponsor ($5000) - 1 permitted:

  • Have your name or corporate name attached to the basketball tournament annual theme.  (i.e. Whose Got Next Kessler Basketball Tournament)
  • Name on trophies
  • Name on front of t-shirts
  • Advertising merchandise at tournament including name on gift bags
  • Announcements during tournament thanking lead sponsor
  • Financial support goes towards officials, gym rental, t-shirts, trophies, and security

T-Shirt Sponsors ($200) - 40 max:

  • Have your name or corporate name attached to the back of the t-shirt

In-Kind Sponsors:

  • Sponsoring businesses can provide goods, merchandise, or service coupons