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About The Global Leaders Program

Global Leaders is designed to empower student athletes to excel academically, athletically, socially, emotionally, and financially, with resiliency, character, virtues, and the discipline to become a stronger self-driven, confident leader.  Own your responsibility and inspire your possibilities is the directive of the Global Leaders program. The program’s success criteria contribute strongly to 1) providing youth with a framework that empowers them to take charge of their learning abilities, 2) placing emphasis that they have the potential to succeed, and 3) encouraging them to accept responsibility for their own development. Global Leaders learning intentions are linked to critical thinking skills (making thinking important), personal capabilities (setting open-ended challenges and perseverance), promoting independent learning (setting goals), and effective questioning (inner strength). 7th & 8th graders define direction; 9th & 10th graders go through transformative learning; 11th graders focus on decision making, while 12th graders raise their goals and expectations.