Parenting Athletes

Parenting Athletes

Parenting Athletes offers a year round online blueprint to help co-pilot parents as they work with their student-athletes. Our resources empower parents by providing tools to help align processes, a game plan to help elevate athletic, academic, and community opportunities, and strategies for helping their student-athlete with performance anxiety, time management, effective communication skills, and effective leadership modeling.

Parenting Athletes Includes:

  • Live Interactive Zoom Webinars
  • Downloadable Materials & Video Resources
  • Assessments To Help Align Parental Views With Objectives
  • One Time Fee: $15


Conditioned Minds Foundation and Coach Z offer parents a unique approach to guiding student athletes from start to finish. Each interactive zoom seminar allows parents to identify active parenting techniques of their student athlete. We believe that you, the parent are your child's best coach. You are the one that knows how to bring the best out of them. Our seminars are designed to prepare you, motivate you, and assist you in your drive to be your child's best coach. As a parent, you invest in your student athletes success, may times sacrificing your time and finances. Our online interactive seminars will provide insight into different ways of approaching your child's opportunities; how to be an assistant coach to your child's coach; and how to be your child's supporter without sabotaging their opportunities.

Sideline Parenting Techniques - This seminar discusses ways to lower expectations while raising levels of performance.  Learn how to not sabotage your child's athletic future, emphasize processes over results, and give them the self-motivation to step up and pilot their own journey.

Character Developing A Student Athlete - Parents will gain stronger insight into how to teach the life lessons around sports; from learning to try, learning to lose gracefully, learning how to listen, learning perfect practice techniques, and learning how to prepare for success.

Managing Relationship With Adults - Parents will learn how to teach their student athlete to manage relationships with coaches and assistant coaches.  Learn how to become your student athletes best sideline coach without adding extra stress.

Developing A Social Athletic Resume -

The Back Seat Financial Safety Plan -

Motivating Your Student Athletes Academic Flightplan -

Keeping Your Student Athlete On Task -